Barbarian emblems to Gretel? Or who?

I’m a little torn. She has a fairly high attack stat so Barbarian seems like a great class for her. On the other hand, her ability is less about dealing damage and more about mana control so perhaps def/hp is better. But then again with her splash attack perhaps atk/def route suites her. Below you can see my available Barbarians.

Obviously many people will say to choose Black Knight but 5* are such emblem sponges that I don’t think it feels worth it. I don’t really care about having the strongest possible defense team as global ranking doesn’t appeal much to me. I still open most my chests in diamond and before too long I’ll be firmly seated in diamond. I’d rather the game be fun by emblemming up strong heroes within each class and 4* level has some unique heroes not seen in 5* level, and are a much cheaper investment.

Anyways, just wanted to welcome some discussion around this so feel free to share your opinion.



Surely Grimm!!


A second vote for Grimm, unless you have something like Frida and Magni already crushing red tanks. Hugely useful and he’s also the right element for trials involving Barbarians (where the bosses are red).


You can indeed take Gretel towards the defensive path as she’s very squishy, and average speed doesn’t help. Her main benefit is the spell slayer ailment.

When I stack yellow it’s part of the reason why she always gets the Crit troop – she really needs the added bulk to help her survive and cast.

With that said, I’ve got her at +3 right now just because I prioritized Grimm :smiley:


I gave my emblems to Gretel and have never regretted it. Her special has always been great, but giving her the stoutness to hang with 5* heroes gives her broad applications. Plus, wound works great with a triple-hitter, and she’s now a farming demon. My Gretel is +20 and I’ve given the spillover to Grimm, and believe me that is the correct order.

Hi @Mr.Spock, I’m fairly new and have only been playing for about 6 months so my thoughts are from a novice, at best. My bench is similar to yours but I also have Obakan for a dark 5* and Miki is 3.70. At my level of experience, my 5* barbarians are doing good, so I decided to give my barbarian emblems to Gretel because I only have one other 4* holy (Wu Kong) and really like what Gretel can do. I only have her at 4.70 with 11 nodes on her talent grid but she’s still more tanky than Grimm at 4.70 with 20 nodes… and that’s a lot of emblems for someone who hasn’t played for a while. And between emblems and essential materials, those are (at least for me), the most limited quantities of loot that I need to continue leveling up. I’ll upload some pics for you to see, just in case you’re interested.
Again, this is just my humble opinion only.

I personally emblem’d Gretel, but that was due to her being my only maxed barbarian at the time. I will say I definitely do not regret using them on her. I took her the offensive path though. She’s 814 atk/653 def/1128 hp. At this point, I think my use of Gretel is only 2nd to Miki, who I’ve also been throwing emblems at. Gretel is +18, Miki is +6.

Super Grimm all the way. Dude has a whole forum thread AND the best 6-pack in the game. You’ll be laughing yourself all the way to the Emblem Bank in Trials of Survival too, he tears it up.


Count again, friend. That’s an 8-pack!


My Barbarians are shown below @Mr.Spock - I am not blessed with some of the better ones such as BK, Kage or Gravemaker

I too am a fan of Gretel, as you can see. Probably because I got her early in the game.
I have 237 unallocated Barbarian emblems - not sure what’s stopping me putting them on Grimm.
I never did get around to levelling Little John or Gormek
Still wondering whether Miki deserves any when I get one more 'scope to ascend him


[quote=“IvyTheTerrible, post:3, topic:145014”]
unless you have something like Frida and Magni already

I use Kiril into Frida into Grimm for a really devastating hit disproportionately good considering the value of it coming from a pair of 4stars out of three heroes.

I had Grimm to +20 very early in the game as RNG seemed to give me Barbarian emblems about 40 percent of the time I got emblems… I think I had one of the first +20 four stars in the game - and he’s served me VERY well since. I have Magni leveled now and I’m not replacing Grimm bc that combo w Frida is too good to give up.


Depends on hero usage. Trials / Challenge / Titans / Tournament?

Gretel for sure since she is rather squishy. Put her on the def/HP route.
LJ is great for everything else where you can mana pot him and rush tournament.
Namahage is not bad if you use him alot in 3* tournaments and rare challenge.

If you choose between Grimm and Gormek, I will say beefy Gormek for sure.

My last statement above will often spark a debate.

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Grimm as top pick, if not then Little John then Gretel.

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I gave little John emblems. He’s excellent for very fast tournaments - also for 5* - , great for trials and quite good for wars especially if you fight many blue tanks (we do rather often). I subsequently gave Gormek emblems cause he’s a better survivor than Grimm. Would love to have Gretel, then I would prioritize her

Absolutely, and a big part of the reason why I’m endorsing Grimm. I have the same blue 3tack (though I know my Grimm is emblemed differently than yours), and it does very well. Though it is starting to lag behind my tank busting teams in other elements as those become a bit more robust and tilt towards 5 stars. But the point is that Grimm has a long usage curve. I still struggle to see what I’d have to roster to remove him from red titans.

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Good timing on this thread.
I summoned and maxed Gretel during this event, so was deciding what to do with Barbarian emblems…

I just reset Azlar +6 to finish off Grimm +18 and take Gretel +10, Namahage +9

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I emblemed both. Grimm first he is incredibly useful and impactful. I also am in the process of giving emblems to Gretel. She is very useful when played right. My question is. Should I give her the mana node or the def one . I have mana troops. I think the benefits of her special going off faster could be more significant than the 17 pts def bonus … your thoughts… fir grimm I didn’t used the mana I needed the def and didn’t had (still hope for them) mana troops. And yes I’m talking the 19th emblem node.

I had +20 never regretted it her and hansel were the main reason I finished my first legendary challenge event. I however removed some from her ONLY because I put them in Black knight. I went defense/ hp as you said her control ability was most important so her being able to survive a shot from the high emblemed snipers was crucial for her usefulness in pvp

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