Barbarian Emblem Question (Gretel, Miki, BK)

Hello all. I’m at the point where I’m looking for advice/opinions on where to have my Barbarian emblems. Currently, I have Gretel +20 and Miki +7. I’ve been slowly removing emblems from some 4* in favor of 5* heroes. However, my hesitation in removing them from Gretel lies in that Gretel +20 is still on my purple titan team. But, I just recently maxed Black Knight.

Titan Team - For yellow heroes, I’m also very close to maxing Delilah, which could possibly replace Gretel on my titan team. But then, my titan team would be Miki, Joon, Poseidon, Vivica, Delilah. I’d be hesitant to have a team that’s too passive.

Raid/War Defense - Currently, my raid/war defense contains Zim +12, Lianna +13, Frida +13, Kunchen +9, and Poseidon +7 (In different orders). If I throw emblems at Black Knight, should I remove Zim from the defense team? If I removed from Gretel and included the extras I’m sitting on, BK would be at +9.


I’d keep them on Gretal. Mana control is so useful in all facets of the game. Plus more emblems on Miki may be overkill.

Yeah, I think that titan team needs a little more pop. I’d probably keep Vivica with that huge Defense Down.

I’d use BK as a defensive flank and drop Zim in that rainbow. Pos-Frida-Kunch-BK-Lianna

I agree with my titan team needing more pop. But, I just want to clarify. I assume you mean Defense Up with Vivica. I don’t have her costume (Unfortunately).

Also, I’d be hesitant putting BK in my defense lineup with no emblems, since you suggested leaving them on Gretel. I currently only have enough emblems sitting to the side, to take BK to +1, lol.

I did mean that. My bad!!

BK is one of the very best all-round hero’s in the game (IMHO the best red)…
Yes he’s already sturdy and never going to be a powerhouse with tiles, but you will/should use him a heck of a lot.

Gretel is okay, but she’s not a gamechanging hero.
BK is.

I’d strip them off her to put on him in a heartbeat.

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I would pull emblems off both Gretel and Miki, give them all to BK, and roll with the same Poseidon-Frida-Kunch-BK-Lianna defense mentioned above. BK is one of the best all-around heroes in the game.

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I would put them on Black Knight but if you are unsure about that you could always start empowering with the new emblems you’ll get and eventually reset Gretel later.

However Miki can already be resetted.

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Bk is the best. Trust me

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