Finally! Grimm Graduates! +20

Through the vagaries of RNG the game seems to want to give me barbarian emblems. Perhaps as recompense for its failure to cough up a Kage in 189 pulls… oh well, Grimm is pleased!

I’m just wondering if anyone else is getting a disproportionate number of emblems in one classs?

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585 defense at +12… oh, man… that is bad… high attack state though, useful on red titans… anyway I think +12 holds the record for a 4* at the moment… my highest is Caedmon +7… Oh! and Boldtusk too, as of this moment! :grinning: but +12 is 125 emblems away…


Never seen a +12 yet. Did you go attack or def route?

What? Grimm +12, 585 defense? Pffff

You would think that Grimm having those abs, surely he must have better defense! :laughing:

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Yes, in several categories I have over 200 and in others, more around 130-170.

Nope. Don’t even bother with his defense, you’ll never mask that deficiency and waste emblems trying. Grimm’s a battering ram. Jack his attack and let him do his job. 295% of 752 for a 4 star is massive and his tile damage in a 5 star-5-star-Grimm 3-stack is unbeatable. And if you can connect with a Wu buff? He vaporizes other 4 stars on contact. They’ll be picking up pieces of Rigard in the next state.


I saw Dator’s Panther at 4 emblems already

Update on Grimmy - had him at +15 for 3 days now


And despite suggestions otherwise, I’ve gone mostly defensive with him. I am frequently in the top 100 and face only 5* teams so I need Grim to take one shot and live. He mostly does now, except from a few snipers. I have him paired with Kiril and Frida - Kiril charges, Frida fires, Grimm cleans up. If Alice and Misandra are ready as well, it’s a guaranteed full side of the defence gone.

Hey! @Halifax whats ur opinion about Misandra? Is she good at offence? I have her and Thorne waiting for final ascension. U use her in full blue team only?

Hello @Triphaze!

Misandra has my emblems - that should tell ya all you need to know.

But since you asked, here’s a bit more in depth…

I think she’s a near-top tier hero. Not quite Gravy/Guin/Zeline… but not far off.

The only Blues i’d level before her are Ariel and possibly Alasie - but that’s close.

She is Fast and once she fires, it’s possible for Her mana boost to bring your Average speed heroes up to ready-to-fire status on the same turn if she did a big multi hit. This talent synergizes with all heroes in the game. She’s also really solid and decently tanky when leveled so if you don’t have Aegir and are in an alliance shifting to blue tanks, she’s extremely viable.

I view her as significantly better than Thorne and would level a second Misandra over a first Thorne.

Hope this helps.


I was searching the forum for some Misandra enthusiast. She’s 5* hero and everybody says she sucks. :slight_smile:. I have Aegir 4/80 and a few full leveled blue 4*. I need only one scope and could max her. Im tired waiting for a better blue 5* so ill max Misandra. :slight_smile: @Halifax you helped me maid that decision thanks.

My first 5* and still my favorite hero in the game, Misandra is awesome. Mainstay of my defense team. Didn’t think twice about giving her emblems. You won’t regret giving her the mats.

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I’m interested in hearing how it goes. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. I have 4 of her now - I’ve twice pulled her in the last two months - which is some crazzzzy long odds. I wonder what 4 missandras and a Kiril would look like on a mono offence.

Like i said before i need 1 more scope so it’s close but not just yet. 4 Misandras that’s some crazy luck :slight_smile: it will take ages to max them. Considering one colour teams in raids, currently im using this and its very effective. Sartana will replace Tiburtus. I already have all materials needed to max her.

Might leave Proteus’s defense right where it is…


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