Grimm & Gretel emblems, 19 & 20 nodes could be useful?

Have both at +18 with no more appealing candidates to use more Barbarian emblems.

I decided to go full attack on both. Even I know Gretel SS is useful for her mana control, my *5 yellow options are really limited (not been lucky on pulls or TC20) so her attack stat of 814 has been useful on Titans & Raids. Besides, my priority is Titans and I am an attack focused player

Node 19 gives +17 on defense 40 emblems cost, and node 20 +42 on health 70 emblems cost… So seems a high cost/benefit for me… But would like to hear some thoughts about this… Thx for your help…

Personally I would say that nodes 19&20 aren’t overly good value for any barbarians (Black Knight excepted and even then the cost…)

I would leave pretty well all barbarians at node 18.

I agree for keeping them at 18 as I also don’t see the added value. Keep the emblems for when a new hero comes around so you can use them then

I maxed Grimm, just to show off! Here you are:

But I must say, he does a pretty good job and I even use him more often than Richard at +3. And I made him more sturdy, rather than max on attack.


went similar route mine at 767,636,1321 making him my best blue and compete with a lot of 5*'s.

I have pushed Gretel past +9 yet. I not a big favor of glass cannons. I tried to finds some balance with my emblems

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