Barbarian Emblems

So I have 595 barbarian emblems and I can’t decide who should get them. Options:

  • Miki
  • Grimm
  • Gormek
  • Gretel

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Thanks for the help!

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Also, Miki is at 3/70 and Gretel is at 1/1 if it helps your vote. Gormek and Grimm are maxed.

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Easily Grimm. The other 3 don’t need emblems to be effective at what they do.

I would actually rather save the emblems, ham and iron than emblem a 4* that will just be replaced when you get a better 5*

But if you must choose

I would go grimm

He sees the most benefit from emblems out of your 4* options in my opinion(though i haven’t calc’d or used gretel)

Miki doesnt need emblems for titans and if you’re goin to spend ham/iron then might as well go cheaper route for most benefit

So that’s just my 2 cents

Gormek gets replaced by Wilbur so he’s out

Really boils down to grimm or gretel and it’ll really boil down further to which you use more for pvp out of the 2

So max gretel, see which one you use more on a regular basis and go from there

Defense team would also be somethin to consider but idk anyone that wants to put 4s on their d unless no 5* options

So wouldnt need grimm in defense. Idk ur yellow options besides gretel for defense so may be worth lookin at

That’s where I’m at on it, best of luck and hope this all makes sense


But who would you replace Grimm with other than an unlikely Athena? I suppose Isarnia, but with the slow mana she doesn’t really seem like a direct replacement, I dunno…

I used wilbur before i got athena just to avoid durability issues but i dont aim for a/a+ each titan

150k average is all i shoot for, any extra is nice but i dont feel a need or drive for it. Titans got boring to me a very long time ago

Personally, I would pick Gretel over Grimm.

In fact, I spent one of my reset emblems on Grimm to give more to Gretel (focused on Defense). I don’t regret it either.

I have Hansel too, and Gretel still comes with me on wars. Can’t have too much anti-skill utility, spell slayer is a very helpful ailment for clearing bad boards without worrying about triggering enemy skills.


I’ve summoned every Atlantis since November ‘18 and still no Wilbur so unless my luck changes there he’s not an option currently. Miki is the only 5* barbarian I have. I do have every 4* barbarian, I forgot to put Boomer in the poll but I assume most everyone would still recommend giving emblems to Grimm.

Since my yellow striking ability is relegated to classic heroes Gretel just might be the best option for me.


Sounds like gretel is a good choice then


Grimm will have 827 attack if you choose attack path. He’s pretty good!


I have no worthy 5* barbs so I maxed Gretal +20 all def/hp. She can hang with the bigboys now. I raid teams of 4200-4600+ daily with her in my 3-2 stack. Shes great. Now grimm is getting them and hes at +15. Shes great though…


I did 10-12 nodes with Gretel on def/life path, it’s a great benefit for her.

I would split the emblems between her and Grimm

What is your gameplay style?

Miki works well maxed no emblems on titans. Grimm is a super 4* that can be improved to survive longer and hit harder.

Some evidence to best make your decision.


Grimm got my first Barbarian Emblems and got up to +14. But when I pulled Gretel she took over and is up to +19 now. Gretel gets used every War and on both her Trial teams. Grimm… not so much anymore. I’m not hating on Grimm either, he was the first hero that I max’ed a duplicate of; it was useful for me in the early days of Trials. However, as my game progress has progressed Gretel is more useful.

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I don’t have Gretel so can’t comment on her really but she has a good special.

Another thing to consider is that the Yellow 4-stars are a lack-luster bunch, with the exception of Jackal who is supreme. Practically no one is pumped about Li Xiu, Chao, Hu Tao, or even Danzo from Atlantis. Wu Kong is a polarizing guy(?), but essential for Titans if you don’t have Ranvir, Miki or Tarlak. That leaves Gretel as the lone really solid option of Yellow 4-stars. If you have the chance to make her great and buff your Yellow 4-star options I say do that.

The Blue 4-star’s are ripe with solid performers: Grimm, Kiril, Sonya, and Triton; plus Boril for Defense/Tanking duties.

I have Grimm at +20. He works almost as a fully leveled 5* (w/o emblems of course). I have Miki at 4/72 and will give him emblems for +1 as he is only my hero for boss fights and challenges.

Split for Grimm and Gretel.
Miki can wait, and also no need to give scope if we are on 10* titan and below. Or if you plan to ascend, I will give +1 for wound.


If you use the two extensively, then my vote is both Gretel and Grimm.

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Grimm makes every other hero he’s with better. Pair him with Kiril (who fires first) for a very, very effective (and resource-lite) duo that can be brought on wars and raids vs red tanks.

I took Grimm all the way to +20 and he remains on my Blue A team (I run mono) over a maxed Magni because his special works so well with Frida and Kiril and run up the defence /life path, he’s reasonably durable.


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