Is Gretel worth the emblem

I have Gretel, and Grimm.
I have the mats to max Gretel , and Grimm is almost maxed. Who should get the Emblems?

Considering I am also wondering if I should ascend Gretel or Li Xiu (but I already used my emblems on Wu…)

I have no other interesting yellow to level…yet.
And no 5*… yet (looking at you rng gods and sgg…) hehe
I’m starting to like Gretel but find her squishy and tought the emblems could do the difference…

Main use is for reinforcing my Yellow team…

But overall use is for raid war and titans.

but I don’t think it would bring her to the brim of 5* as it would do with Grimm

I use wu kong(maxed +emblem), Kiril,(maxed +emblem) boldtusk(maxed +emblem) wilbur and any 5th that can help …most of the time in raid and wars … …

Any opinions will be appreciated. Thank all!

Greek is good. Mana control is always nice. The extra ascension helps defense a lot.

I gave him the emblems exactly for what you noticed, her being squishy. But I found her special to be very effective on my raids and on titans. I like her best when the board has lots of the same color as the hero or titan. That’s the time I fire her and the rest is history.

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So far, I’m testing her in that line-up Kiril, Boldtusk, Wilbur , Gretel and Wu Kong. It has interesting effect and it chains interestingly. Raids and war. And dark titans. I’m not sure for defense… but one of my alliance has her in his … I’ll ask how it’s going. I’m a bit puzzled by how the bleed apply . Not on a special? Not on tile? It just trigger how?

The bleed is triggered by a tile hit. Every tile of your barbarian’s color has x% chance to result in bleed.

Wound is a feeble skill; you are using emblems on barbarians to build up stats.

Gretel is not at the top of my list of where to spend barbarian emblems. At average speed, she doesn’t do enough damage, although her mana control is great. Grimm is my top 4* barbarian.


You need Gretel for her mana control, which is good even without emblems.

But a full talented Grimm is better of many regular legendary.
You gonna love him.


Attack and defense primarily the emblems on grim right?

Absolutely yes, of course.

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Love my 19 emblems Grimm…

Now… to wait 70 emblems to get the 20th emblem node and some health boost…

Or start Gretel with the 50 I already got and start her nodes?

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I like her a lot. She was first holy 4 star I maxed in my junior acco and I still use her in my yellow stack. So definitely worth of emblems in my book. Very nice together with Jackal when dark titans dares to show up.

Mine dies 4 times without a cast even @+7 def/health in high diomond raids and/or tournaments. If… okay, but way too squishy. If she was fast like Hans maybe.

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She is at +12 on my yellow stack. With mana troops. She is very interesting, helps a lot, no regrets so far . Anyway I got 15 reset…

Also got grimm at +20 he is a beast

I love my Gretel. She’s currently +19 (Also have Miki +7). As it took me forever and a day to get Grimm, Gretel was emblem’d long before he came along.

Did you choose mana or def for the 19th node?

I chose Defense with her being so squishy.

I chose defense path too and actually grew to like her. Wish Hansel was holy and barbarian but oh well.

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