Attack order when attacking titans for best possible score

I have been focusing on my titan teams and increasing my titan scores. My alliance is currently attacking lvl 10/11/12 titans. Based upon other threads in the forum, I have played around with my different teams to make sure I have the right heros, def down, increase attack, big hitters against a certain color. Now the question is, what order of heros should I hit the titan with?

Take the current example I used against a purple titan

I would wait for my heros to charge and I would start by hitting the titan with Guardian Jackel first to lower the titans defense. Followed by Miki to increase the teams attack. Then, I would hit with Guinevere, Joon and Leonidas. Guinevere increases defense of allies around her against purple. Joon and Leonidas are my hitters. Is that the right order of attack? Any thoughts from you 100k/attack hitters out there is welcomed!

Note - If there is a hero I should have in the lineup like Wu or Wilber, please let me know would you suggest I replace and the order I should launch the attack.

Best order in my opinion:

  • Miki
  • Jackal
  • others

Miki increases Attack of all heroes, Jackal reduces deff against yellow heroes, the order of the other heroes doesn’t matter.
I personally would include Wilbur for additional deff down and survivability of your heroes. Most important in my opinion are the attack stats of your heroes and not so much their special (like Guins mana decrease).
Good boards for you. :wink:


Rule #1 of titans - it’s all about the tile damage.

Throwing skills in different orders makes no noticeable difference to this - it’ll effect direct damage (ie: special skill damage) but that’s not even close to being a significant proportion of your scores.

If a special doesn’t help your tile damage (defence debuff, elemental defence debuff, attack buff, crit buff, normal damage buff) then it isn’t helping and a hero with a higher attack stat will contribute more - the only exception is if you’re struggling to survive.
Sometimes you’ll find off-colour like Wilbur helps your scores, sometimes you can do better running mono or 4-1 and going without.

In that sense… A maxed Wu can actually score higher against a dark titan than Miki - but I wouldn’t swap anywhere else except rare blue titans (but I’d personally throw Tarlak in there, because I have him).


Rule #2 of titans is that time is points.

The more time you spend fruitfully, the better your scores - the more time you waste, the less time you have to score.

Special skills with big frilly animations are irritating - you can memorize the board anyway, but I often fire the most invasive specials first (eg: against dark titans, I fire White Rabbit first).


Great feedback. I could see replacing Guinevere with Wilber. But, would Wilber’s -44% enemy defense override Jackel’s -54% enemy defense against yellow OR would it stack? That was why I was hesitant to add him to the roster.

Elemental debuff and regular defence debuff stack - they don’t override.

Think of Cheshire Cat - why would he drop regular defence of holy heroes only?
If elemental debuff was a colour specific regular defence debuff that didn’t stack, then there’d by no reason CCat wouldn’t just be an elemental debuffer.

Really? I really missed out on some higher scores! I’ll add Wilber to the roster!

Excellent feedback! I can’t wait for the next titan! I have a much better plan of attack now!

To you 2nd point, the animation of Miki and Tarlak is a pain, but I want the buff. I find I can’t launch them near the end of the timer or else I miss some big tile hits. I take it everyone has the same problem?

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That’s why I’d launch that special first so the animation rolls whilst I’m clicking through less invasive special animations like Jackal’s.

The only question mark with Wilbur is whether the debuff will help enough to offset the loss in tile damage - even a low attack 5* holy like Guin is going to hit much harder per tile than Wilbur, but Wilbur’s debuff makes your high tile heroes (Jackal and Joon) do more damage.
It generally will, but you want the special up at the same time as Miki - it means using potions, so you need to be prepared for that.

Longer term? The more you can build function in each colour, the better your scores will be - running 4-1 and mono are ideal.

So for this holy stack, if you have White Rabbit, even at 3.70, you’d want to get him in there…
For one of my teams I even have two regular defence debuffers - though mostly because one has extremely high tile damage (Isarnia with CB) and the other debuffs harder (Athena).

Even without Wilbur’s defense down, his share damage and defense for allies is extremely helpful for when facing higher titans so you don’t get 1 hit.

Most of my titan teams are 4*, with the odd 1x 5* in each (Miki being in all of them). We face 11* and 12* so they easily one shot my heroes if I don’t ave Wilbur activated. Ideally I’d love to not have Wilbur, and instead use another element of the colour I need to help stack so I can go 4-1, but 3-1-1 is better if it means I can survive the full time.

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I don’t have White Rabbit at this time. Will see how my fortunes are in the future. For now, it sounds like I could use one of two lineups:




Launching the heros in the order listed. I’ll play with both and see which plays better.

The latter will far more likely than not score higher on average.

Wilburs special is another screenhog, you may want to fire it first if you find these distracting.

Makes sense. I usually use

Purple Titans - Jackel/Miki

Yellow Titans - Miki/Kunchen/Domitia

Green Titans - Wilber/Boldtusk

Red Titans - Miki/Sonya/Grimm

Blue Titans - Tarlak/Zeline

My roster is next great but I have useable heros to use against each element.

Ok. So


Great! I’ll give it a try!

Excellent advice @BubblesUK! Thanks!


That’s a really good team. I use something similar. Wilbur - Jackal - Joon - Leonidas - Tarlak. Since I hit 14 star titans, Wilbur plays a very big role in keeping the team alive with few mana pots. Plus, the normal defense down and elemental defense stacks giving great tile damage. :slight_smile:

Perfect! Why do you use Tarlak over Miki @ThePirateKing?

At a guess… Don’t have Miki?

I like Tarlak (his attack stat is awesome) but his special lasts less turns at a lower % increase than Miki - being average to Miki’s slow can only go so far in offsetting this.

@BubblesUK guessed right… I don’t have Miki. :slight_smile:

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Got it! Makes sense now!

This has been a great topic for me! I have been working on my titan teams to improve me scores and better the rewards I get.

As for the other elements, what lines up are you both using? I listed the buff heros I use for each. Any thoughts are welcomed!

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I’ve built teams for every colour… So they’re all either mono or 4-1


Holy (Vs dark titans)
Ranvir, White Rabbit, Guardian Jackal, Delilah, Norns.

Norns and Delilah are mostly there for tile damage, Delilah is heavily emblemed and Norns just has typically juggernaut season 3 stats… I rarely fire either of their special skills even when charged.

Attack buff would be cool but I can live with bear banners rather than run off colour for it.


Dark (Vs holy titans)
Miki, Panther, CCat, cRigard, Freya

Freya is heavily emblemed so tiles do good damage… Ravens once duplicated can be hitting 3-500 each, so I don’t shy away from using them.


Ice (Vs fire titans)
Miki, cIsarnia, Athena, Kiril, Nordri(+20 obviously)

Isarnia is mostly there for tile damage, whenever Miki fires I’ll have Athena held to fire with him, I fire Isarnia whenever Athena’s debuff expires but don’t hesitate to overwrite it…
Kiril will be dropped for Jott once he’s finished, bear banners can replace what Kiril does and Jott will bring more tile damage plus the boosted tiles.

Even with Nordri as a 3*, this team gives consistently high scores.


Fire (Vs nature titans)

Tarlak/Miki, Wilbur, Guardian Kong, PiBs, Guardian Falcon

I don’t have a real preference for Miki Vs Tarlak here… The single colour tiles won’t be significant, so Miki typically still helps more, it just feels wrong… and I love an excuse to get Tarlak out.
Kong is there for tiles, Puss for attack buff because his tile contribution is far higher than BK or BT and I seem to score better that way, perhaps because Wilbur and Falcon are pillowfisted?


Nature (Vs Ice titans).

Tarlak, Ratatoskr, Locke, Almur, Buddy

I always run Buddy in the corner so he puts up less minions because they’re pathetic minions, but I want him in for defence debuff.

Locke and Ratatoskr both have great attack stats and Ratatoskr creates boosted tiles, too.

no it won’t. please guin with any other yellow with high attack like second jackal

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I don’t have all of those heros. I use the following:

Dark (vs Holy titan)

Fire (Nature Titans)
Wilber-Boldtusk-Azlar-Captain Kestrel-Gravemaker

Ice (Fire Titans)

Nature (Ice Titans)

For Fire, should I swap PiB in for BT? Also, who should I swap Falcon for?

For Nature, should I put Buddy and Almur into the lineup?

For Ice, I’m working on Athena. Should I add Kiril and get Isarnia into the lineup?

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