Choosing blue titan team

I am currently fighting 10 to 12* Titans and I need help w blues for red Titans given the addition of new heroes. I use Wu Kong as 1 spot so that leaves 4. I was using C Kiril, Magni, Glenda, then grimm or c grimm or Richard. I just leveled jott and have used him a bit as well.

I think mainly the lineup should include Kiril either w costume or regular, Magni, glenda ??? And wu.
The ??? Could be jott, Richard grimm or c grimm or nordri I guess to though he’s a 3 but his skill might help.

Can anyone suggest a lineup in order left to right and it’s only 4 since I use Wu. I wish I had miki or tarlak/ranvir but I don’t.


I think Magni and Glenda are kind of optional. They don’t really have skills that are vital on Titans

With what you have I’d say

Kiril Grimm Richard Jott Wu

Jotts tile enhancement is great, even though he is slow. Using C Kiril when you have Grimm is a double up on def down which isn’t helpful, it just replaces. Richard can take the edge off titans slashes. You could change Magni in for Richard (might be better with higher attack stat)

Remember titans are all about tile damage

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Unfortunately I don’t know much about Magni, Glenda, costumed Kiril etc. Can only really give advice on what I know.

Lacking Miki/Tarlak/Ranvir, I’d absolutely keep Wu.

Jott is excellent as well!

Lineup order doesn’t matter as much on attack, at that point it mostly comes down to firing order.

Save your Jott and Wu for when you have lots of blue tiles on the board, that is where they together will shine the brightest.

This one neat trick will allow you to score 100k+ hits on red titans

Wu/Ranvir/Miki + Jott + 3 other strong blues (attack up / defense down helps)

Toss in a couple of SCROLLS OF ALTERATION (if you are able to craft them… Hunter’s Lodge level 9, very rare and very expensive) and maybe a tornado or two…

Stir the Scrolls of Alteration in to a bad board until it starts to turn blue, then activate Jott and Wu…

Season to taste and enjoy. :grin:

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One blue that you didn’t mention that many people have success with might just be in your roster. Nordri is a Valhalla 3 star hero that provides elemental defense down. So, if you fire Grimm and Nordri, they both provide a defense down that are different, so they both go into effect. Add Jott’s tile skills and you can get higher scores. Nordri, with those titans, will need a lot of help. Some people use hurricanes and time stops to keep him from getting hit as long as possible, but he will give you higher scores.

I’d probably go with Kiril (no costume), Magni, Grimm (no costume), Jott and Wu. That’s the team for maxium damage and hopefully you have emblems with 4*

And I use Nordri only for rare titan with timestops, because he can’t take even one hit from bigger titans

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KirilC Nordri Glenda Jott Wu

  • KirilC for the def down
  • Nordri, bring revive scrolls and or time stops to protect him…using him on 14☆ titans successfully
  • Glenda for the fire cleanse, bring mana pots, I don’t use antidotes on titans any longer

Magni and Richard (KirilC already does attack down) won’t help you much with titans.

Wu Kong (attack buff), Nordri (titan elemental defence decrease), Grimm (titan defence decrease), Richard (titan will hit not so hard), non C Kirill (healing, attack buff, defence buff)

The topic creator doesn’t have Magnis costume.
You suggested to take 6 heroes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was already edited. Counted all heroes, then left only most usefull.

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Thank you all I see some combos that I would never have thought i always took Magni but I guess tiles are the big thing so I will try these including nordri and see how it goes. Miki would just solve all this though…lol. maybe ha10 has one but after 6 trainings and all s1 dupes plus the thread it doesn’t look likely…lol

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I emblemed Nordri to 20 focusing on defense and he holds up just fine with 9* titans so far. I also have Raff on my team and he keeps him alive well. Having elemental down is critical to big titan scores. I was lucky to get Miki in the tavern as well so my blue stack does really huge hits.

Currently I run Miki, Athena, Nordri, Magni and Raffaelle.

If I ever get Frida or Arthur then I’ll send Nordri to his rest though lol. Guess who my first limit broken hero is going to be too haha

I have better use for roots and nuggets than to make revive scolls for Nordri

Nordri, Nordri, Nordri. if you don’t have Frida or Arthur, he will do. he’s worth all the emblems you can give him. pair with Grimm for max defense down, and hope for good boards. also, minor healing potions are cheap and will keep him in their at least three more hits worth, as long as they aren’t above 10*

I’ve never had to use a single revive scroll on him. 20 emblems and a good healer in the team and he’s fine to go

But I usually fight against 14* titans, but if stars are under 10, I take Nordri

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