Attacking titans #101

Hey guy’s,

I have noticed that when some teams attack titans they score some pretty high damage points.

Is it something I’m noticing now because of how the game has evolved with the addition of emblems and the added weapons
(for those who have been playing for a while) or is it something that I’m not doing ? So regardless of team or power, can anyone comment on what works best for high damage points .

I myself get little damage points against strong titans 7* or higher. Any tips or strategies shared will be highly appreciated


Wu, your best -DEF and 3 strong color. That’s the basics.

I took in the following to my most recent hit

Wu, Evelyn (-Green DEF), Lianna, Buddy (-DEF, -ATK), Gregorian (+Crit)

Used a single tornado because my board sucked. Then got a nice cascade. After that, I fired off my specials. Then the titan killed Wu Kong.
Still ended up with 102k hit.

Arrows will buy you some time. Dragon banners, or at least turtle banners. Mana to charge up Wu (only when the board is favorable, you don’t want to waste him).


I bring Wu Kong + defense dropper (strong color preferably) + 3 heroes of the strong color against the titan.

Items wise, I am cheap. I coordinate Harpoon uses with my alliance first, after that it’s usually arrows, antidotes or health potions (depending on titan special skill), def+ or atk+ banners (depending on titan special skill), and mana potions. I only bring expensive items like Timestops against the rare titans, which can be more problematic to stun.


Level up different teams of heroes for different colors of titans. For example, for a blue titan killer team you could bring Kiril to heal and buff attack. Melendor for his heal and tile damage. Evelynn for her elemental defense down, and Lianna for extra punch. If you add Wu Kong to that team and you use him properly you can easily get A or A+ scores on titans.

You can use items but don’t go too crazy with time stops or tornadoes. You’ll run out of materials if you use those all the time.

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Wilbur + Wu/Ranvir/Tarlak + 3 strong color = lots of points.


I appreciate you all for the valuable info.
Appreciate you

Thanks for the valuable info. So my question has to do with is there a place in the game where i can learn how to match up the color teams for the best possible team strengths?

I’m not sure if there us one particular thread with that info but I’ll post some here that may help you overall

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I have create table sheets titan color, skills that apply more damages.
It based on TILE Damage:

  1. +att for our allies, so tile damage has more values, heroes to use like BT, Kiril or Bear Banner (battle item)
  2. -def Titan, so tile damage has more values, heroes to use like Wilbur, Gormek, Tiburtus, Grimm, Ceshire Cat, Buddy, Isarnia, Kunchen, Athena, Santa.
  3. -def element, make more values, heroes to use Arthur/Frida, Evelyn, Panther, Jackal, Falcon.
  4. +att additional which is stacked, heroes: Wu Kong/Ranvir, Tarlak.
  5. The rest is strong color against Titan.

EIDT: I will create text version, so it can edit later on.

Titan +Att -Def -Def (Element) +Att Stack Rest Strong color
Red Kiril Athena/Grimm/Isarnia/Ulmer/Valen Frida/Atrhur Miki/Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak Blue Heroes
Blue Gaderius*/Brienne Buddy Evelyn Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Green Heroes
Green Zimkitha/Ares*/Boldtusk Wilbur/Gormek/Santa Falcon Tarlak/Ranvir/Wu/Miki Red Heroes
Yellow Khionna* Cashire Cat/Tiburtus/Kunchen/Gill-Ra Panther Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Purple Heroes
Purple - - Jackal Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak/Miki Yellow Heroes
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