Attack order when attacking titans for best possible score

I use Wilbur+18 and Tarlak for all titans (except red and green rare titans). The other three heroes are:

:red_circle: Boldtusk+18 - Falcon - Elena+7
:green_circle: Telluria+18 - Hatter+7 - Little John+18
:large_blue_circle: Ariel+7 - Magni+7 - Lepus+18
:yellow_circle: Jackal+18 - Joon+13 - Neith+6
:purple_circle: RigardC+7 - Seshat+18 - Victor

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You want Miki or Tarlak in there too.

I get better scores with PiBs, his attack stat is much higher than BT even with emblems and CB… Try it both ways and see.

Miki/Tarlak, Wilbur, Falcon, PiBs/BT, Azlar (tiles)

If you have enough emblems on GM or Kestrel to have higher attack stats than Azlar then swap them in instead of him.

I get better scores using Almur instead of Telly.
I’ve always used Buddy, though… Find your lowest tile damage out of what’s left and try him instead.

Athena kicks ■■■.

If Grimm is emblemed enough to have higher attack than Isarnia, no - if her attack is higher then run her instead.

Kirils tiles are so-so, but he adds the buff which Raffaele won’t (also with so-so tile damage).

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These are great lineups! I have many of these heros excep Ariel, Lepus, and Victor. The biggest issue for me are the talent levels per hero. I’m a ways off from those levels. Plus, my troops are at lvl 21 which higher levels I’ll aide in survivability and mana refresh times.

Thank you @ThePirateKing for this insight into your setup!

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This is perfect @BubblesUK! Thank you!

I had been using PiB prior, but other threads had suggested that BT would be better. This, I switched PiB for BT. I’ll swapped him back.

I just pulled Almur during the last Valhalla event. I’m leveling him now and will try him as soon as he is ready. I was thinking about swapping out Telluria, but I felt the +16 talent level was better than a non-leveled Almur.

I’ll get Athena and Isarnia into the lineup as soon as they are leveled. I moved Raffaele ahead of both as I needed more 5* healers.

This is great info! Thank you @BubblesUK! I’m stoked to try these changes out! My goal is to consistently do 80k to 100k+ attacks per flag.

Miki only increases “normal attack” aka tile damage. So it doesn’t really matter if you fire him first or last. The only concern is the animation time as @BubblesUK mentioned so I would still fire Miki first.


WTH 500 dmg from minion strikes :rofl:! Does Freya’s minions get buffed by Miki as well? I guess it’s worth having Freya on the team despite the time taken up by minion strikes, especially since Freya has decently high attack.

Makes total sense @B1gHeadAss! Thanks!

My only other question here is with the Dark team. The animations for Miki, Freya and Clarissa, will slow down the play and lower the score. Is it wise for me to have all 3 in the same lineup?

I think it should be ok. Just hit all of them in quick succession. One thing I do when there are a lot of animations going across the screen is tap the “autoplay” button and then untap it. It works well when there isn’t an ideal move and it will quickly automatically make a match so I can think about the next move I’m going to make. I only do this when there isn’t a match lined up over the titan’s weak spot and when there aren’t a lot of tiles of my hero’s color.

Really good advice! I never thought about using the auto-play to give me a second to look the board over for a better move. Great tip! Thanks @B1gHeadAss!

Great info here, thanks for asking and for all the replies :+1:

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It’s the m$llion dollar question that folks either couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. @ThePirateKing, @BubblesUK and @B1gHeadAss, did a great job giving me clarity on the topic. Thanks all!


I think no one should rely on Freya’s minions doing ‘3-500’ damage everytime. They are doing some noticeable damage, but only at smaller titans and only with additional buffs active. Facing a 14* armored hydra those minions will rarely reach 300 damage, but more something like 150-200ish. So in my opinion you should consider if this is worth the time it costs at higher titans.

I think it’s much better to figure your next move before starting all those annoying animations, so that you can do it although you can’t see most parts of the board. Tapping autoplay seems like the worst thing to do to me, as this can completely destroy your board manipulation and preparation (it will automatically fire bombs and diamonds if there is any and will most likely result in any nonsense move). I personally would always wait a second or two instead of tapping the autoplay button in these situations.
But anyway, everyone needs to figure out what works best for them. :wink:

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@TriNitro Good feedback. I was planning to use the following Dark team initially


Once I level Seshat, I was going to replace Clarissa. I was going to play around with Freya once I have her leveled to see if she adds more value than Domitia. Prior to the feedback from this thread, I had Tiburtus in the lineup instead of Wilber. I have also tried Proteus, but I have trouble keeping him alive long enough to be useful.

What lineup would you suggest?

Dispel - Attack up - Def Down - Mana control - AoE/ Snipers

This the the rule of thumb team order I follow pretty much everywhere.

Only exception buffs which have a chance to miss, like Wu … they go last so the buff applies to tiles and not specials where the miss rate doesn’t hurt so much.

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Titan is mostly a tile damage plus firing specials in correct order game. Tile damage is easy to see, so I’m going to break this down by special skills:

Miki - +130 to +170 Attack up

Wilbur - +63 Def up allies, -44 Def down enemy, shared damage

Kunchen - Heal, -34 enemy def down, +46 ally anti-holy def up

Domitia - hit, dispel, +94 anti-holy def up

Clarissa - Fast hitter, poison dot, special skill def up

Seshat - Hitter, dispeller, minion

Freya - Raven minion, +30 ally def up

Tiburtus - enemy Def down -34

Proteus - Mana control, poison dot

So how to build the team:

  • Miki and Seshat are in - attack buff and pure hitter
  • Defense buffs - you have 2 good options:
  1. Use Wilbur+Domitia - Wilbur is the highest enemy def down. He also gives ally def up which stacks with Domitia’s high anti holy ally def up. Domitia is also a hitter.

  2. Use Kunchen to get a little bit of both and save a spot.

Depending on which option you chose, you can play around other spots between Clarissa, Freya and Proteus, and see which works best for you. Clarissa’s special skill def up gives her an edge over the other two.

So, I would try

Miki - Wilbur - Domitia - Seshat - Clarissa


Miki - Kunchen - Seshat - Clarissa - ? (Maybe Freya? You need a sturdy hero because your ally defence buffs are lower. But you do get better color stacking damage)

You could pair Wilbur and Kunchen, but it would be a pain to remember to fire Wilbur AFTER Kunchen to overwrite the higher enemy def down buff. And let’s face it, fast Titan battles makes it easy to skip up on the small stuff. Similarly, you could pair Kunchen-Domitia as well, and that’s a decent pairing as long as you fire in order.

Side Note: 4* Cheshire Cat is the only purple with a +44 enemy def down for yellow. It’s not an elemental def down though. 5* Guardian Panther is the purple enemy def down.

Edit: There are two purple heroes with Mindless Attack - Merlin and Alfrike. Both make the Titan hit itself and reset the mana bar. Higher the Titan, more the damage. And it’s always hilarious. Using mana control with mindless attack can be very effective but timing the attacks takes effort and some practice.


@BubblesUK I had the same thoughts on Jott but so far not yielded the results I thought they would. Not 100% sure why it’s not working as well as I thought it would do either as on paper it’s very good. Just not translated yet.

With Wilbur you can keep him going easy enough but I guess maybe I haven’t had the truly optimal board for it yet.

Sometimes the board is so bad and there is literally only 1 or 2 possible moves that it saves time using autoplay for 1 second. Ofc, I usually don’t use it and have a move planned despite the animations covering the board.

Excellent feedback @Circe! You listed some create points.

  1. Seshat is a must for the lineup.

  2. I need to set the Hero Team order correctly to match the launch order. Thus,




  1. I don’t have Guardian Panther, but I do have Alfrike. I wasn’t intending on leveling her soon as I have several other purple projects ahead of her. After you explanation of use, I may move her up the list and try a lineup like the following once I have Seshat and Alfrike leveled


Great info @Circe! Thanks!

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Well, i have Alfrike+20 but would not use her for titans. I understand that mindless attack seems like a smart thing to have on a titan. But as long as you bring Miki in that lineup, you should be able to never let the titan fire its special.
In addition to that, Alfrike was most likely designed as a tank and does pretty good in that position, but she has horribly low attack stats (mine has a squishy 700 at +20) and thus lowers the tile damage on titans.
Remember: its all about speed and tile damage. :wink:

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