A little help please - thanks in advance

I have been playing this for a while now - almost 2 years now. I know I am still considered relatively new and have lots more to learn. I have attempted to develop my heroes but still need to figure out future combinations and strategies. I just dont seem to think I am getting the most out of my heroes against Titans and then in the alliance wars.

Here are my heroes -


Clarissa +10
Obakan 3/70
Obakan #2 2/60
Malicna 1/11

Rigard +12
Ingolf 3/51
Gafar 3/60
Sabina 3/60
Tiburtus 3/60
Tiburus #2 1/40
Tiburus #3 1/1
Rigard #2 1/25
Rigard #3 1/1
Cyprian 1/1

3* all leveled - 2x Tyrum (both costumed), An-Windr, Bjorn, Prisca (C), Gil-Ra, Chochin, Oberon, 2X Balthazar,


Justice +6
Leonidas 3/70

Lady Woolerton +10
Chao + 10 (C)
Li Xiu +10
Li Xiu #2 1/2
Wu Kong + 10
Wu Kong #2 1/13
Wu Kong #3 1/1
Mist 3/60
Danzaburo 3/60
Danzaburo #2 1/1
Hu Tao 3/60
Hu Tao 1/1

3* - 2x Bane (C), Melia, Kailani, 2x Gan Ju, Agnes


Isarnia +10 (C)
Thorne 3/70
Thorne #2 1/1
Raffaele 2/60
Fenir 1/41

Triton +10
Triton #2 1/1
Agwe +
Grimm +10
Grimm #2 3/43
Grimm #3 1/1
Krill 3/60 (C)
Krill 1/1 (2x)
Boril 3/60
Sonya 3/60

3* - Frosty, Chick Jr., Valen +4, Ulmer, Karil,
Graymane, Gunnar,


Kashhrek +10
Kashhrek 1/1
Mother North 3/70
Lianna 4/1
Ratatoskr 2/60
Evelyn 2/60
Horghall 2/60

Skittleskull +10
Skittleskull 1/1
Cademon +10
Little John 4/47
Buddy 3/60
Melendor 3/60 (C)
Gadeirus 1/39

3* - Brienne (C), By-Ulf, Friar Tuck +1 (C), Isshtak,
Berden (C), Belith (C), Carver (C)


Azlar 4/1
Elena 2/57

Boldtusk +10
Boldtusk #2 3/60
Boldtusk #3 3/9
Kellie +10
Gormek +10
Gormek #2 3/60
Gormek #3 3/69
Sumie 3/60
Colen 4/9
Colen #2 3/60

3* - 2x Hawkmoon (C), Skrekok, Ei-Dunn,
Sudri, Azar, Namahage, Jahangir, Nashgar

For my defensive team I use

Justice, Clarissa, Kashhrek, Isarnia, Boldtusk

For my Titan fights I usually use the all one color method,

For my tournament I try to use the strongest heros as my defense , sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t LOL. Please feel free to make any other suggestions! Thanks for your help.

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Firstly, I’d advise you, if you don’t already, you should join an alliance with knowledgeable team mates… there are many. Two years playing this game, I wouldn’t class you as relatively new, unless you took a one year break. But I digress, knowledgeable players will take the time to help you get the most out of your roster.

Increasing Titan scores, there are many threads on the forum

War Defense will depend on if your alliance uses coordinated tanks, and obviously hero composition of an attacking team will depend on the heros in defense.

Edit… I and others tried to help you before -

There seemed to be a common theme :thinking:. I wonder did any of the advice offered in 2019 help?!


I very much appreciate the work of @Sarah2 to direct link helpful guides.
And I also recommend to read them.

I recommend (others would think different)
1.Max one obakan before malicna. He isnt great but kind of okay, and fast.
2.Max tiburtus as defense downer

Max leonidas or (if you are going to do some summons) wait for a better one
Max mist, and stop leveling more wukongs

Max kirilcostume, he is awesome. Maybe even two of him.
Max raffaele, he heals like ■■■■

Max mother North, she helps a lot for regular levels.
Max evelyn as color defense downer (and nice elemental link)
Max buddy as defense downer and family bonus with mother north

Sumle is a punk. When emblemed he is insanely strong
Azlar is just okay, elena is okay too.

Defense is bad. A slow hero on a flank and a healer on a flank doesnt really work out well.
Better use:
Lianna Isarnia Clarissa justice kelile

EVERY titan team needs:

  • wukong
  • defense down (f.e. gormek)
  • attack up (f.e. boldtusk)
  • color def down (f.e. evelyn)
  • additional healer/supporters (all in the guides)

What do you want, you have a really solid roster waiting on mats? In my case I love 3 stars and have around 50! But you have some epic 4 stars imo.

Emblemed on which path, attack or defense?

Based on your roster here is my advice for titans:

1 - Every team, except for yellow reflect rates, should have Wu Kong.

2 - The next important hero is a D dropper. I see you have all 3 ramming pulverizer heroes, which is good. Those heroes are great!

It makes sense who to bring when they’re the strong color, but have a neutral color D dropper will increase your score more than a 4th strong color hero at this stage. My advice would be to blue and purple titans bring Grimm. He has the best A value.

3 - Always fire your D dropper before Wu Kong. The D drop crucial for scores and can’t miss.

4 - While there is some nuance I’d say you need a debuff or a specific synergy, the remaining 3 spots would be taken by 3 heroes of the strongest color with the biggest A value. Most your damage is from tiles, so the special skill damage is less relevant then their boost to tile damage.

5 - Bring useful items. I personally don’t use a lot of items, but the important ones IMO, and without knowing what level titan you fight:

  • arrows for the titan to miss
  • minor antidotes to remove poison, fire, blind, etc
  • minor mana as sometimes you need to boost a hero to get things to go off right
  • medium mana pots for the same as the minor based on need
  • some people prefer axes to drop the titans A

The thing I think is important with items is you do a lot of titan swings. You can’t use items like it’s the best titan attack ever every time, it’s too costly. You’re going to have good and bad attacks, it’s the nature of it. Don’t think bringing a lot of expensive items will make a bad attack good. It’ll make a bad attack maybe okay … but really expensive … which brings it back to bad. There are some exceptions like pushing to kill near the end, etc.

Hope that helps. These are more general rules. Hopefully you tweak them to find what works best for you. Always be open to changing to as your roster grows.

Good luck out there!



Thank you all for your advice. Sarah2, I did join an alliance and we hit 6 and 7 level titans. I have learned from them but I know there is so much more knowledge here on the boards that the differences of opinions are welcoming. The level of our highest player isn’t nearly as high as some on the board here so I welcome the more experienced perspective.

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