Atomos – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion

Finally got my first atlantis 5*…Atomos. but after reading this forum i think he is really bad… May i have some advise. Atomos and Horghall who should i level?

And is fully ascend Atomos really that bad? :slightly_frowning_face:

I feel really sorry for you. Atomos is simply one of the weakest 5s of the entire game which i really dont understand since he is a rare atlantis 5, he is supposed to be good, but even some 4s outshine him. He is slow, deals very low dmg and his revive is only applied to him and dispellable. In his current state, dont waste any materials on him. I also happened to have the “luck” to pull him and the other pretty bad atlantis 5 Mok-arr so i know how you feel. I don’t have a Horghall so i cannot speak about him. My tc20 gave me Elkanens and Liannas.

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But still his ranking B is on par with other Atlantis 5* like Mitsuko, Poseidon.

Are we missing something?

I was thinking of using him beside Gadeirus in AW green team attacking

Atomos on pair with Mitsuko and Poseidon :smile:

They’re on a ranking. He’s just rank.

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He is so unloved. :frowning_face:

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I hate to even ask this, but is he worse than groot? I have both, and enough mats to ascend one. I have Ariel, if that matters, and all S2 3/4* other than wilbur (ouch). We see a lot of blue tanks in war, so there is value to me in ascending one (I also have maxed lianna, gregorian, evelyn). I am certain each could be valuable in the raid tourney as well, and I think Atomos would be better there.

Additional info: I am cheap to play with VIP and I buy the monthly atlantis deals and that is it. So I do pulls infrequently, usually when I save up for a 10 pull and then I pull what makes sense. I don’t sense I will be pulling much until Kingston comes up and he’s months out and I’ll be unlikely to get him so I don’t really want to sit on mats at this time.

Why all the hate for Atomos? He is #1 in the Raids Index…

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He’s still very durable during raids.

The raid teams with him that give me trouble, usually have him as a flank, as a tank he works too if the board is bad. Better with his family giving him a bonus. As a wing I don’t think he’s all that threatening myself since it’s easy to time out his immortal status effect. Or charge up your dispeller.

On offense he can work with the right teammates… One of my alliance mates uses him with Cabin boy Peters from the Pirates event during green stacks. He’ll lock one target with Peters’ silence, then charge that target to full mana on purpose, then fire Atomos to deal maximum 270% damage. It seems to work well because he regularly takes out tough war teams with blue Aegir tanks.

So he has his uses imo, but he’s definitely on the more situational end for 5* heroes.

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I have Atomos 3/70. Atomos is bad because he always needs a few things for that from none, he passes to mediocre. So morality, you do not use because otherwise you weaken your team. He is not even worth 4 *.


That is the point. We can somehow use him if we don’t have a choice

But why?

In what role are you considering using them? Exclusively offense to counter blue tanks? Atomos has higher tile damage by a lot, and if you time him right, hits reasonably hard. The rez is also potentially helpful.

Horghall has the more useful debuff, but at 12 tiles, you’re likely to take a few hits before it goes off.

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Probably using him on war attack primarily. I may tinker with him on defense but my titan attack team is set (he probably won’t make it).

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Atomos is probably the correct play.

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I think the probability of these six words from you, in this order, regardless of context, being truthful and accurate is 0.0%

But I’m not very good at math and my reading comprehension sucks, so I’m “probably” wrong.

Atomos is too slow, does not hit hard, he can be debuff, a secondary attack with condition of mana. In short, he is simply zero. “immortal annihilator” but he is none of that. I used it several times in raid, I never saw it revive. He was often dead without having been able to use his special. So, I do not use it anymore and prefer by far buddy caedmon gadeirus buddyy


Yup, you figured it out. The fact that my 3 Atomos went from “probably worthless to me” to “definitely worthless to me” was a source of great joy.

Do you EVER get tired of being both snide and wrong?


I have two myself, lol.

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So sad. Now it feels like having even 1 Atomos is taking up space. Never feel so dejected summoning a 5*!

Shouldn’t atlantis hero be desirable heroes? If not decent perhaps?

Devs, pls fix Atomos! :cry:


Can confirm, I have the full family all maxed minus ursena, and any 4 star family member in place of atomos gives better defense results.

He is absolutely horrible in his current state, and while he can be used for some stuff he absolutely needs to be reworked and fixed to be anything above a D or C rating.


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