Atomos – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion


I have a team I use for AW attack (only) that I call “Ape in Atlantis”. It consists of Wu Kong, Ariel, Wilbur, Gaderius and Proteus. “If” I live long enough to proc both Wu and Wil, it’s game over as tile damage just completely annihilates (sometimes in breathtakingly WTH just happened levels) the opposing team. I have Atomos waiting in the wings, and the mats to max him, I just can’t justify in any way replacing Gaderius with him or using such insanely valuable and hard to come by mats on a C hero. Which is sad mind you, because there is absolutely nothing special about Gaderius and the only real reason he is there is for the family defense buff. I’m hoping changes are made to Atomos to remedy this sad situation, but it could be months before we see it even if we ever do.

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