Atomos – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion

I have a team I use for AW attack (only) that I call “Ape in Atlantis”. It consists of Wu Kong, Ariel, Wilbur, Gaderius and Proteus. “If” I live long enough to proc both Wu and Wil, it’s game over as tile damage just completely annihilates (sometimes in breathtakingly WTH just happened levels) the opposing team. I have Atomos waiting in the wings, and the mats to max him, I just can’t justify in any way replacing Gaderius with him or using such insanely valuable and hard to come by mats on a C hero. Which is sad mind you, because there is absolutely nothing special about Gaderius and the only real reason he is there is for the family defense buff. I’m hoping changes are made to Atomos to remedy this sad situation, but it could be months before we see it even if we ever do.

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I have Atomos 3/70. MUGGY 3/50 is more efficient than ATOMOS. It’s sad to have such a 5 * hero.


I’m sad to say this but I got Atomos last Atlantis pull and he definitely disappoints. Hopefully he’ll get a tweak at some point.

I took him to 2/60, but as he stands, I can’t see any reason to use unfarmable resources to take him any further.
He can be downright vicious on defense in a rush rules tournament with very fast speed though. Got my backside kicked thoroughly by him there… but a single good usage case for Atomos is still not enough for me to level him further when I have more versatile heroes waiting.


So I just fought an atomos tank. And even then his resurrection backfired hilariously. On his turn of resurrection I got a cascade and they all got ghosted in the middle. Every one of my characters gained a heck of a lot of mana on that turn and proceed to sweep the entire team.

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Dear SGG staff, beloved developers…

I just got this brand new Forum Title attached to my beautiful Forum Existence… now, more than EVER, I need you to rework Atomos.

Let’s make him great so people don’t think I’m just being punished for being a troublemaker. Please?

I promise to run him as my tank if you improve the guy!

Lest the joke get lost, here’s the title in question (added by mod):



Atomos is so good he makes Thorne viable. :joy:


Correction: One of my players has Atomos and DISlikes him. I shall ask her to drop by here and explain why. :wink:

Quite surprised he hasn’t been reworked yet. I think if you did a poll on worst 5* hero, he would rank as number 1 with a huge gap between him and whoever was chosen next. With his being an Atlantis hero, and with all other 5’s being so good, it’s beyond baffling he made it to us in this form.


7DD rated him a B :man_shrugging: so someone thinks he’s not THAT bad I guess.

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Not a huge gap…Mok-Arr is right there with him. Of course I have both. :roll_eyes:


Just as Atomos, 7DD rating system needs reworking. There are some rating there that just make no sense whatsoever. (There, now I can get some good old hatred, but it’s off my chest)

[Look, I’ve been trying to edit this not to sound dismissive. The Rating is an awesome tool. But it is just a tool and the game has seen an increased number of variables since I’ve started playing.

Plus, no rating system is perfect, no matter how much good work is put into it]

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Has anyone really tested him with the whole family and formed an opinion?

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We have a teammate who runs the Atlanteans he has as his defense team.

When I asked why he did that, he said it was because the defense bonus was enough to keep him in low Diamond. And, yes, he does have a maxed Atomos even knowing he’s just there for the family bonus.

I can ask him for a longer, more detailed explanation, but I don’t think there’s one. He ran the numbers and wanted a defense team that could keep him opening Diamond Chests, plain and simple.

Pretty boring if you ask me, but… it actually works.

My first, middle and last thought: I hate battling him…I lack the patience to continually go through the same scenerio while he comes back to life and repeats his special. lol dont have him…He is a beast on defence though. I battled him fully maxed up with talent emblems. I have several full five star teams and he was hard to beat.


After reading these comments realized I only played him in events. Guess I will intentionally attack teams with him in raids to see why people seem to dislike him.


@CorpseTiller did, in this thread. Scroll up :slight_smile:

Yes…I based my opinion of him on the events/champaigns. I am going to battle him in raids because I can’t understand the hate…but I also haven’t battled him when he didnt have 4000+ health lol

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I’ve been running an all 3/70 Atlantis-family team as defence for awhile to lull people into a false sense of security for AW whilst a few of them wait for Mats (Atomos won’t be getting any right now). They seem to hold the team around the 2200 cup mark which has cup dropped the team to a nice level that I can easily work up to Diamond for each raid chest.

Formation is: Triton, Atomos, Ursena, Ariel, Poseidon.
Team did much better with Ursena at tank than Atomos. Think Atomos only really contributes when people go in with a mono Yellow team but is unfortunate enough to set off Ursena for her full team wallop and then they have to hold their specials back ( I may be wrong but I don’t think yellow has a dispeller - unless I’m forgetting one) which means when Atomos does fire it is with the higher damage…

However if you ask me Gadierus is probably the better Atlantis family green, yes Atomos has better stats (then again gun to my head I’d give emblems to Gadierus before giving them to Atomos) and they’re both slow but Gadierus has better team synergy raising the attack of his two flanks and if Triton’s healing buff is in place the HoT is boosted. What partly annoys me is that Atomos is not much of a team player - which for some heroes is OK if they’re worth it in their own right - but I wouldn’t select him solo and he doesn’t help team synergy.

If I were to change his special I’d probably go for a combination of the current build at that card that leaked that never made it to beta. Two ways it could be done:

Way 1: Get rid of greater damage with more mana. Add in a medium strength HoT (the alpha version was too strong) for allies and -healing for enemies but make it so both are dispelled from all allies and heroes whenever he dies - regardless of whether he resurrects or not.

Way 2: Again get rid of greater damage to heroes with more mana but if Atomos does whilst his resurrection buff is in place both him and all of his allies get that high powered HoT from the alpha card - essentially a major booby trap if you kill him without dispelling.

Of the two I’d probably prefer the first option as on attack it is more predictable - wouldn’t want to be hoping you enemies kill him first to get a heal going.

Who can have a whole family,? Quarter of a percentage?

There was a guy testing the whole family and he got way better result when he replaced Atomos with Gadeirus.

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