Atomos – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion

One of the big problems with Atomos (and other ‘selfish’ heroes like Leonidas) is that self-only spells are practically useless with so many AOE or ‘nearby allies’ spells. Heal self, buff self, and resurrect self, at whatever speed, will always be the poor relation to heal all, buff all and resurrect all.

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Plus his special is incredibly easy to dodge. If you dont have a dispeller or Kagebeefburger charged, you simply do not kill him until his special wears off. Since his AOE fireball is pretty weak too, there is nothing to fear from him.


Atlantis Weekend is over - 4 advertised heroes - 3 top, 1 joke. Got the joke.
Atomos is my second 5* hero from Atlantis beside Toth Amun. I’m so lucky :sob:

I met all emblemed
Ariel Atmo Ursl Posey Gravey
and lost due to Atomos.

Imo neither Atomos nor Margaret are as bad as stated here.

Put him on flank of his family and he will be nice.

Thats why i didn’t do any invocation this month… Because i already have Atomos and Ares.

We need the dev to listen to the community, thats how you make a better game.

Overpowered, underrated, disgusting, scary, to be nerfed or buffed or whatever.

Some people are never satisfied, others always whine. Some people are luckier than others and some heroes are better.

Please stop complaining, since some people doesn’t get any legends at all.

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Cool. I will do 1000 pulls next Atlantis and i’m sure i will not get the Atlantis Family members. There is absolutely no use for Atomos if you don’t have his family.
For example Ursena is 10 times better.
Correct trade rate: 10 Atomos=1Ursena


I would like to add my experience against Atomos. I faced him in a war a week ago when he was fully leveled. I do not recall the rest of the opposing teams line-up, but I distinctly remember him almost wiping out my team. In this case all of my heros were at or nearly at max mana and I also think there was an attack buff (I think I remember Zim being in the lineup) as well as a defense down on my squad. When he hit, he did more damage than what you are calling out. I did still end up winning, but I think there is a case to be made that he can be used with the right supporting cast.

I too have a conundrum where he and Horghall are my only green 5* at the moment. I have 13 tonics and would like to get a green 5* to replace Buddy in my raid defense. I also need a hard hitting green in a bad way.

I have Poseidon (maxed), Ursena (need 2 Tabards), Ariel (maxed), and Atomos but didn’t really pull even half of 1000 LOL. Anyway, I had Atomos for a while now and I just ignored him after leveling to 3/24.

I’m interested to try and have them all in my defensive lineup and see what happens. However, I’m reluctant to give Atomos the tonics.

My current tonics will definitely go to Tarlak, but the next can probably be used to ascend Atomos if I don’t get any better greens.

Last war had the stackable unremovable attack buff as the war boost too, I can see Atomos liking that for sure

I think players tend to forget this is a strategy game not centered around one hero but 5. I had Atomos since I started this game about a year ago and he’s awesome despite the slow mana but if you pair him with a good healer, after he revives and you heal him it’s virtually almost impossible to stop him. As far as his attack goes, 150% is kinda low for a 5 star but if every opponents mana is high then that’s where he does the most damage. I’ve seen him do 377 damage before and he’s bailed me out so many times in battle. He’s awesome, you just gotta know how to use him

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I really agree with you, I find him useful paired just with Ariel and am seeing that many top level players are using maxed and emblemed Atomos in their raid defense lineup.

Moreover the artwork is great, definitely adds something to the team aesthetics too :rofl:

However I must admit how the healing feature that I read it was rumored he had in beta would be a nice addon indeed. :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify here, Atomos introduce since Feb 2019, so he is 8 month ago right now (almost a year though).

I always hope so many people share if there are positive review about him. So do you mean how to use that means Atomos is okay in ofense right? Which heroes do you use the rest to pair him and how to synergy with him?

I find sometimes (very rare) trouble facing Atomos defense.

There are better heroes than ATOMOS: BUDDY, CAEDMON, actually all the green heroes of the game except perhaps the 1 star (and again).

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If you want atomos to be viable, you have to build your team around him. In the end, we favor a zero hero at the expense of a team of good heroes who without him will be even stronger. So Atomos is useless. It takes all his family atlantis, how lucky to have this family in full. So my atomos is in a corner of my deck and is useless.

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So, I got Atomos when he first came out and I just finally decided to level to 3/70. He was literally the only unleveled hero I had left and my choice was to feed him to my other unleveled heroes (Which I didn’t have) or level him up.
I now use him to farm 8/7 because that is all he is good for. I guess I will hold him in the hopes that SG decides to fix him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Exactly this!! ZimKitty/Evelyn and Magni are working as intended and can even carry a trash can of a hero in diamond. You could swap out Atomos for an emblemed little John and you’d get the same, if not better results. Enough with this BS SG, fix this hero already. You did a great job with Aegir, Atomos has to be next, and soon.

He truly has no real value in any aspect of the game, War, Raid, defense, Titan, monsters. The fact you need 4+ other Atlantis heros or an attack buff/defense buff/ and green defense down buff to make him average speaks for itself. Lets fix this guy already.


So I’m going on record to state the obvious here. I’m not saying atomos is the best 5 star cause he’s far from it. There’s 4 star heroes who with talents are better then him but if you have atomos and commit to him with the right pieces around him then it’s worth it. So by right pieces I’m talking bout having a healer or 2, a hero with mana up and and attack increase to get the most out of atomos’s 150% attack damage. And if all heroes have average or fast mana then you should have a formidable team with him in the lineup

Atomos (who is currently my only Atlantis 5*, and has languished at 1.1 for the best part of a year) to my mind fits the absolute definition of a turkey: spectacular but tasteless. If you surround it with stuffing, bacon, sausages, at least two kinds of potatoes and three other vegetables, and drown it in gravy, bread sauce and cranberry, it provides the makings of a pretty decent Christmas dinner. On the other hand you could just go for a roast that has some flavour to it straight off, like a decent side of beef, and then you wouldn’t need to go overboard with the trimmings. This is why I don’t bother to serve turkey at Christmas. And why I haven’t levelled Atomos.


Something simply has to be the games cancer…

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