Ascend Grazul?

Grazul — The block

The other hero’s are good, but not unique.

When in doubt 9 out of 10 times — the vf 5* will be unique Enough to Play well with most heroes

Imo vf is the strongest Innate lever in the game

Graz protects Marjana retaliation options


For the most part I agree with the grazul choice, my only thought is if 3-70 grazul has the survivability for your current level of play you don’t get any additional benefit from bringing her to 4-80. With JF and Elena you get more power from their ss when you bring them up to 4-80, as well as the improved survivability which is beneficial to both Elena’s and JF’s skill.


Do you have Elenas costume?

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@Kadar emblemmed grazul is a huge improvement over 3/70. The mana shield makes a meaningful difference when raiding against defense teams with mana control (which is almost all of them these days.) plus at 4/80, she wont get 1 hit killed by snipers, her stats are way too tanky.

grazul is definitely a great investment for materials.


Totally agree with that, especially when going up against heavily emblemed snipers and if grazul gets your cleric emblems definitely a bonus. My only point was if at the OP’s currently level of play a bigger DoT is more valuable than a more survivable Grazul than I would lean toward JF first.

But you are absolutely right in saying Grazul is better when maxed.


Grazul, all day, every day.

Grazul and Zim work together with whoever else I want to drag along on every red raid team unless I’m going mono. She’s very useful in end game.

Have access to a nice crew of red fives, and the only one I’d for sure promote over her is Black Knight.


After Telluria came out I ascended Grazul…even though I had Anzogh. she is a great counter to Telly/Vela and can keep you alive when you don’t start on a good board.


I love my Grazul. She heals little but often and the block of debuffs can be frustrating when you are trying to get a Gravemaker/Kingston/Kunchen type attack off that you use to then pile on pain. Since she does that a lot it can pull the teeth from an offence. Sure I know I have Tel and Vel there but I was running Grazul as my tank before this and was sat easily at 2500 cups with her. I’ll probably stick with this defence until I get the time to ascend Heimdall or I try a Grazul/Marjana/Mitsuko combi out for a giggle.


Nah, just vanilla elena…

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I’ll be burned as a heretic …

but if they are Season 1, Slow, don’t have a costume, and aren’t vital To me … I tend to eat them now that the costumes come with the card.

I’ll be pulling free keys as part of the new normal … She’ll show up eventually :slight_smile:

I like her for Titans; but the new crop of hero’s can eat the reflect without missing a beat or just kill her before she goes off… She’s doesn’t give Azlar levels of PTSD

You have good options… Great problem to have.


How much does Elena improve with the costume?

I know the stats…but interested in point of view of someone using her

Good to hear that.

I have grazul at 3/70… and have brought her against Telluria tanks effectively… but since she dies too easily at 3/70… I have won raids just by having her fire before Tell and then dying… that extra edge against Tell resulted in wins even when grazul died. By protecting the other 4.


Hahaha, thats the last thing my 3 Domitias sitting at 1.1 want to hear right now.

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No, definititly not. riposte is the most underestimated specials in this game.

I see. You don’t like slow heroes. Just a little question. Would you rather give kunchen or Grazil your emblems. And why?

Yikes, have you seen the beta thread on hero academy? At level10 you can swap your 5* hero for some other 5* hero (hotm included in the pool).

What a difference 500+ days make? :slight_smile:

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I stripped Kunchen+18 and made 2 costume rigards+18 plus have been working on Ariel.

Only emblem if he is your war tank, otherwise I’d work on Rigards. Costumes coming in a few days.

If Grazul is on your defense, then maybe but I’ve found her pretty effective without emblems.

Even a dupe 3/70 is usable for clean ups mostly because of her very fast speed and SS.

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