5* red ascension advice

Ive got all the mats…always like to come here for advice because i cant deal with the decision alone…lol

My only other 5*s maxed are Marjana and Queen of hearts

Heres my choices:

The hero will mainly be for war depth

For war depth, IMO Grazul and Lady Loki both are great.


I don’t have LLoki and have not finished leveling my Grazul. I do have JF and Anzogh. Of those two, I use JF more in raids. I wanted to think that Anzogh’s inate ability to reist Telly’s status effects would make him really useful, but it hasn’t worked out that way. So between those too, I would say JF.

Now, I am curious to see how Grazul works on raids. Occasionally, where I need a healer, I use Boldtusk. I’m thinking Grazul would be better given her speed and her elemental link. But, as I said, no first hand knowledge.

Are you thinking about defense or raiding?

I rarely get JF out.

Loki is probably next red up for me.

If you had Puss, I’d do him next (synergy with QoH is gorgeous) but you’ve got some great options there, too!

I’d do Loki, but Grazul isn’t a bad choice either.

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Mainly for raiding and war depth…grazuls status ailment block is really helpful in the limited times ive used her…seems she would be great help against a telly tank team…

Only thing really holding me up for maxing her is that for the most part there arent many heavy hitters in red and i feel like i should try to fix the issue of not having much offense with this ascension

Right now im working with:

^^^my best 5^^^

^^^2 additional^^^

Plus grazul at 3^70 shown in the other pic

Do you have mana troop at lvl 11 at least? That can be a huge difference . With red mana troop lvl 11 you can charge Grazul really fast, only two matches (6 tiles). Grazul firing at early stages can change the outcome of a match.
I have maxed Grazul but as i dont have red mana troops im not able to release her true potential. In that case i would go with Lady first

Ive also got Myztero who is pretty similar to Lady Loki, except hes very fast mana…so id probably lean towards him to fill that role as an ailment stealer…i tend to lean towards ascending heroes that bring something unique to the table compared to heroes i already have ascended

Yeah ive got a lvl 12 mana troop…and yes it makes a huge difference…i take advantage of it with all my very fast heroes…since we’re on this topic…something cool i figured out that may have been discussed on here…

So to charge a fast mana hero with 1 less tile you need to get a level 29 mana troop (+15%)…insane right?

Well if youve got a costume hero maxed you get a 5% mana bonus…

With a level 17 mana troop you get +11% mana

Those two together get you to +16% mana boost…(compared to the +15% a lvl 29 troop gives to shave a tile off a fadt hero)

This is huge considering you get the same mana benefits of a level 29 troop at a MUCH easier to obtain level 17 mana troop


I agree with @jinbatsu. If you’re facing a lot of Telluria tanks, Grazul or Lady Loki will be of great help. Personally, I will do Grazul first.

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Just be reminded that a new red hero will be making an appearance for the first time in the new and upcoming Ninja Tower, which has a better status immunity of 3 turns than Grazul’s 2 turns.

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