What red 5* next

Hey Peoples,

Wanted some more opinion what red to ascend next.
I have already maxed Black Knight, QoH, Mitsuko, Marjana all 4/80 and some emblemed.

But who to get next first: Jean Francois, Anzogh, Grazul, Ares, Santa Claus, Elena all 3/70?

Thanks all for opinion. Not looking for opinion that will tell me firstly for what what purposes, as I have heroes for everything just what you think it is best to level.

If I had Grazul that would be my choice :slight_smile: but I don’t :frowning:
Ares is also a strong contender - he is core for my mono red team…
I both cases you wont be wrong as any of those improves attack team greatly :slight_smile:


JF. He is good counter for all Vela flanks and Commodore wings you will meet. Or Grazul.

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Grazul has been very useful against Telluria tanks for me. Definitely go with that


Thx for advices.

Have also 2nd Black Knight and QoH but way back.

My vote is for Grazul - she’s been a permanent part of my main raid attack team since I leveled her. Her healing seems underwhelming, but that’s because her status protection is her real use - you’ll ‘prevent’ SO much damage with it. GM, Vela, JF, Hel, Telluria, and many many others get nerfed by Graz.


Thats a great set of heroes to have to make a decision on. But in my honest opinion, I would go with Grazul.
With all the up and coming Telluria Tanks she will be very very useful.
Good luck

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Grazul is the vel+tel+gm slayer. An absolute must for raiding these days.

She also stacks perfectly with every red hero- she doesnt overlap use case with any of them.

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Thanks all for replays, will give a go to Grazul.

In my honest opinion she was back on the bus from all other, but pointing some good facts about here definitely changed my opinion and line for leveling.

Grazul as mentioned is great against Telluria, GM, Vela, Kunch.

You’ll already be aware of how much attack boost you can stack up with BK+Wilbur - obviously when you put that on AoE hero’s you get the max impact from that (I’m regularly seeing G.Kong+2 hitting 700-1k)… Anzogh would give you huge heals from that if anything survives the hit.

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Grazul…next question?


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