5* red ascension

Hi guy"s!
I recently got the Jean Francois and as a result have two red heroes :Grazul and JF!Specifically grazul is found at 1.1 and I was meant to upgrade.For healer i have Ariel ready. what is your opinion between these two?Where to focus more?
Inderesting for Alliance wars and Raids!


Please guy’s How ascend first? You have forgotten me:))

Grazul can be a good secondary healer for wars or when you need to stack red. Time her special right and she can protect you from ailments too. She probably will not get Cleric emblems over Ariel though as I would prefer Ariel’s bigger heal myself.

JF can spread damage across the enemy team quickly, and it gets better with emblems. He pairs well in most 3-2 stacks due to that, any sniper greatly enjoys having their target brought down to KO range. The Ice defense buff and the defense flip are both built to counter Finley.

Both JF and Grazul are pretty different, so pick whoever you think fits your needs better. I personally prefer JF myself.


Really depends on the rest of your roster. I rate them both equally. They are both red support heroes and can be used in a main stack and an off stack. Neither are particularly good for defence. Question is really whether or not you need more damage or more healing and choosing accordingly.

If you have a red mana troop, my vote is for Grazul.

I have both heroes and the six tile activation of Grazul makes it easy to time her special and keep your heroes clean. I like to combine her on a team with Zimkitty when the opponent is using a nasty DOT or Debuff game.


Thank you guy’s! Your comments were understandable! Thank you from my heart!
You are very gentle!!

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