Ascend Elena to 4 or wait for something better?

Hi love ones.
It’s Moo again :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if I should use my rings on Elena or hope for my TC20 to give me Marjana, or pull some better fire hero with my gems when Atlantis is event is up?

Let me add that I’m c2p, and focus is:

Staying diamond Raid defense 2600 > Titan >= war

My defense team lacks a good fire hero.
My options as of now are:

  1. Evelyn *7, Boldy *20, Kunchen *7, Onatel *6, Frida *6 (4199 TP)
  2. Evelyn, Frida, Kunchen, Onatel, LJ *14 (4157 TP)
  3. Evelyn, Frida, Kunchen, Onatel, Hansel*4(4107 TP)
  4. G. Jackal*19, Frida, Kunchen, Onatel, Evelyn(TP 4180)
  5. Evelyn, Frida, Kunchen, Onatel, Sabina*20 (4193 TP)

Should I just give my rings to Elena? I have no other fire 5star, and then go for:

  1. Evelyn, Onatel, Kunchen, Elena, Frida?

Or would something like Marjana, Natalia, Mitsoku, Zimkitha make my defense team much better?
I don’t have any of them and I know the chances are small to get them.

Basically, is Elena better than Boldy*20 on my defense team?
My only other 5star option is getting one more dart for Rana to make her 4/80 and do something like

  1. Evelyn, Rana, Kunchen, Onatel, Frida

With that in mind, does it change anything regarding saving/using my rings on Elena?

I think both Frida, Kunchen, Onatel, Evelyn are my best choice, since I don’t have other 5stars of those colours.

Cheers, hugs n kisses :kissing_heart:

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I recently maxed Elena as my first full 5* and somewhat regret it. I like her on offense, but her shields are just so low that I doubt she fires very often on defense. I think BT +20 is just as good, but you also shouldn’t feel the need to run rainbow on defense. Your team 2 option seems pretty decent.

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I’d prob wait. How many rings do you have?

She’s not very sturdy for D and with your other average/heroes it’d be a pretty easy kill…

I have 7 rings


Would anything change if I moved my emblems from LJ and got Grimm * 16 instead?

Tbh I feel lack a good fire hero/speed on my def team.

Use a reset emblem if you have one. This way you receive all the emblems back.

In my honest opinion, Elena is a good all rounder Grade B 5* Red. My advice would be play with what you have. You could wait, then wait and wait some more to get a grade A 5* Red and it may not come for 12 months or more. Good luck

Elena is solid in all aspects from raid and defense perspective.

One of the highest tile damage for titans in combination with Riposte.

One of the better heroes if you know how to use her. No regrets on giving her rings.

Only exception is that unless you are trying to get Grazul this month.

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I love Elena, she packs a mean punch and I use her a lot on raids and titans and she is kind of ok on Defense as well.

Since you don’t seem to have a high likelihood of drawing a higher quality red in the short-ish term future, I’d go ahead with Elena.

I also wouldn’t really be waiting for Marjana; even if you had both right now I’d lean towards Elena. Her higher tiles will give her more value on titans. And, for what it’s worth, I personally do much worse raiding a team with Elena than I do one with Marjana.

Here’s the past ~5 weeks of raids:
Elena: 9-73 (11% winning percentage)
Marjana: 6-169 (3.4% winning percentage)

(In case it’s not clear, that is their winning percentage against ME when I attack them.)

Marjana would fit their defense team much better. They are lacking good fast heroes at the moment. Want at least 2 fast heroes on defense if not more.

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Sorry to crash your topic, but who are the best red heroes on defence for a high rated team ?

Would Wilbur be a good defender for a high team or Azlar or some other ones ? Btw, I have Azlar and Wilbur only really.

Azlar as flank works okay. He may not fire his skill but if he does the attacking team gets wrecked. He’s a bit squishy though, which means he doesn’t work as a tank unless it’s for color-coordinated red tank wars (where it’s much harder to stack blue heroes for all attacks).

Wilbur imo is only good on 4* raid tournaments defense teams, such as buff booster or when blue isn’t allowed. Otherwise it’s too easy to take advantage of his special; for e.g. Kiril is the most common way of doing that, just let Wilbur fire on purpose, then use Kiril’s special to overwrite the def- he casts. Now you get the benefit of the damage share. And Kiril is a trainable hero that almost anyone who has been playing for ~1yr has.

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Best reds on defense? Probably Gravemaker and Zimkitha. Kestrel is pretty good as well

Azlar is the best of your 2. He’s best at flank but he could tank if you have no better options.

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Agreed, Zimkhita and Gravemaker are the best in defense. PErsonally I have Kitty and probably is the only hero I would never remove from defense team: fast, sturdy, cures status ailments, gives +25% buff in attack and deals a little damage. Also very useful for farming, as her special will clean the stage from the low level enemies in one shot.

To get back to the main question: I would max Elena for offensive purposes. For sure, I wouldn’t put her in my defense team, she’s far too squishy. I always have a laugh when I find her on someone’s defense team, especially if she’s the tank.


I’m mostly in need of a good fire defender.
I’ve seen Elena flanks, but tbh I would prefer something like

  1. Evelyn, Frida, Kunchen, Onatel, Marjana/other-fast-red-Hero.

I stay in diamond atm with

  1. Evelyn, Boldy +20, Kunchen, Onatel, Frida

Elena would replace Boldy if I ascend her.

But I would love to not drop below 2600 so I got a shot for top 100. :slight_smile:

Could someone like Azlar replace a fast fire hero in team 1?

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Yes. Azlar’s true position is in the right wing.

Elena works in the flanks with Kunchen tank and it will be very fearsome.

I would wait it out at least through September in case you pull Grazul. I pulled Elena and got her to 3-60 but those rings still take forever to accumulate so I waited 3 months and pulled Marjana from TC20. Very small shot at it but worth holding out for a little while in my opinion, particularly with the HOTM.

Seeing her on Kunchen’s flank would be interesting though. I only come across her at tank and she goes down way too easy.

Slow heroes are terrible on the wing. Azlar is god awful on the wing imo. Takes 15 turns to charge if not hit by tiles. Most raids are won/lost in the first 15 turns

As an example here’s a recent raid against a Kunchen wing. He’s almost ready to fire the first time and heal his friends! Oh, wait all his friends died before he ever fired.

Only fast or very fast should go on the wing. Advising people to put slow heroes on the wing is terrible, terrible advice. Slow wings take way too long to fire to actually affect the battle while it’s still in the balance.

Wing is the only position Azlar should never go.

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Elena is an A grade tank…

…according to Anchor and 7dd

That’s probably why you see her there.

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