Did I do a mistake with my Evelyn?


I have Evelyn as a part of my ice Titan team and on my defense team.

My defense team is the following, from left to right, with the number in brackets being the number of talent points.

Evelyn (6), Boldtusk(19), Kunchen(7), Onatel(6), Frida(6).
This keeps me in diamond.

I have specced Evelyn into attack, so that she has +30 attack, but now I wonder and kinda regret that I didn’t choose the defense line as those +30 attack could have been +36 defense.
Should I change it now, while I still have emblems to get her to (6) again?

2nd note:
My only fire 5star is Elena, but I don’t think she will fit my defense team, right?
What about Rana? Could I replace Boldylocks with Rana once Rana is 4/80? Would that work? I have emblems to prolly make Rana (6).

Thx in advance, peace n love, y’all :heartbeat:

Looking at your set up i would say rana flanking kunchen might work better than boldy!
About evelyn i personnally value more the attack on her than defense for titans and raids… and the position she is at your defense (less stones will hit her) i think defense would not make any significant difference!


Agree w @Rfm.

General rule I use is offensive heros get attack tree spec and support heros get def tree spec. I would have gone along the same lines as you. Rana would definitely work better than BT considering you have a dark tank, forcing a holy stack. Having 2 holy flanks will help.

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Cool guys, thx!
I’m waiting for last dart to go Rana power lvl.
I have played with Rana a lot and I really like her. Good to hear that she might make my defense team :slight_smile:

And I won’t change anything on Evelyn then. Yeah, I also thought that since she is flank, it might actually be better to have her have more attack stat.

With Kunchen tanking you don’t necessarily need Boldtusk’s ATK boost, Kunchen lowering defense would benefit from attackers behind him.

Elena could work so long as she has emblems for the revive chance, makes her low defense and speed less of an issue, and her skill hurts.

But I agree Rana would work better, for color synergy, also since most common cleansers are also healers (Rigard, Vivica, Kiril overwrites def- too).

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I probably wouldn’t change Evelyn at this point, no matter how you did it, for two reasons:

  1. The cost of a reset emblem / losing 5% of the emblems spent feels substantial to me.

  2. Eveyln is so thoroughly average that I’m not really sure there’s any ‘wrong’ way you could do it. Like most, I’d usually advise increasing her strengths, it’s just that there’s no particular stat that stands out as a strength to me.

Atk / Def / HP
Evelyn: 727 / 712 / 1355
Average 5* hero: 720 / 712 / 1351

For a Ranger, the first fork is basically attack or hit points, the second is attack or defense. I think the argument to increase attack has merit. It’s good against titans, in raids, with her special, etc. The only other factor I can see is that I’m always going to be happy when Evelyn’s HP increases, because she’ll also get a little more healing from her element link.


Eve to me is more of a setup for other green heroes to do heavy damage so I’d go the shield and health route.

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