Which fire hero to ascend? Or wait for new fire hero?

So I have 5 mystic rings now planning to ascend one of my heroes now.

So I have 2 GM fully maxed, one Marjana at 3-70.

Other fire heroes are - Elena, Khagan, 2 Azlar, 2 more Marjana, QoH, Mitsuko. All these heroes are 1-1.

I am not sure if i should give my rings to Marjana so thinking which next hero I should ascend. I am leaning towards either QoH, Mitsuko or Elena.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Marja is the best vanilla red and Azlar is very cool, too. For whom do you wanna wait?

I would love to have Ares or Santa Claus but have to wait a lot for them.

Next rings will probably come faster than those. Ascend Marja now and go for more rings with her. To keep mats for potential heroes isn’t the best strategy…

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How about Mitsuko or QoH would love to have a bit of variety too? If Marjana is better then I will give her the rings.

Ascend what you’ve got and go for more, but don’t keep mats unused for what you possibly will get.


Her royal highness on Wonderland

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What will you use your next red 5 for? And do you have a lot of mana controllers? Snipers? Personally I’d love Mits for my red attack team, having no mana controllers in it… and good sorcerers beeing scarce too. Elena for titans.

(Also, going by the Atlantis thread, there might be a chance for Ares appearing this coming AR)


I dont have much mana controllers, other than proteus, hansel, gretel etc and copies. But dont have any 5* mana controller. I do have a lot of snipers though.

I am going to take Mitsuko, QoH and Elena to 3-70 and if Ares doesn’t appear this Atlantis I will level up one of them and by that hopefully I will have 6th ring.

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Another vote for Mitsuko. I love her, she is great on offence and defense imo

I use mitsy all of the time. She has more versatility than Marjana. Since her special reflects blue a decent board gives you the ability to use her before a blue wing goes off, either sniper or AoE. I’d take her up before QoH as her special aims all other specials at her, which is suicide in most cases.

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