Kunchen or Onatel as def tank?

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I’ve seen that Kunchen is more used as tank with Onatel as flank, they always seem to come as a pair :heart:

My question is based on my current heroes, emblems in brackets, and my setups for def raid team. I want to stay in diamond.
Which team would you prefer not to meet?

  1. Evelyn(6), G.Jackal(18), Kunchen(7), Onatel(6), Frida(6)
  2. Evelyn(6), Sabina(19), Onatel(6), Kunchen(7), Frida(6)
  3. Evelyn(6), Boldtusk(19), Kunchen(7), Onatel(6) Frida(6)

All these heroes are emblemed defense/health path. So with my troops attack/defense/health is:
Evelyn: 855/854/1446
G.Jackal: 922/717/1316
Kunchen: 727/982/1584
Onatel: 710/1012/1584
Frida: 860/903/1447
Sabina: 867/814/1163
Boldtusk: 741/949/1248

Is Onatel my best tank?
I lack any sniper or dmg dealer which is why I wonder if Jackal plus Onatel could work?
I’m working on Rana to replace Jackal, but miss an orb :frowning:

Peace n :two_hearts:

Id say Kunchen, he is better in that position and Onatel is a better flank :slight_smile:

Evelyn - Frida - Kunchen - Onatel - somethingelsethanJackal

Not sure you should be completely sold on using an emblemed hero for D. It’s more about how they all work together. Frida and eve both dispel… prob don’t need both. What are your other options?

Those are my only 5 stars of that color, so I don’t have other options :stuck_out_tongue:

I have Elena as 5 star fire hero, but I sort of understood that you don’t want slow heroes on your def team.

Could I use emblemed LJ as somethingelsetganjackal or Hansel(2), Scarlett(1)?

Of course you can :slight_smile:
And happy birthday Nostromoo!

Wooooh, thx, ye, lol, tis my birthday now, it’s past midnight :smiley:

Agreed, Jackal doesn’t belong on defense if you have other options. Rainbow defensive teams have proven to be the best.

I’m also not a big fan of any of the elemental debuffers on defense (Panther, Evelyn, Frida). Their job is to set up a paired attacker of the same color — e.g., Panther sets up Hel, Jackal sets up Joon. Think volleyball; you have a setter and a striker. Solo, these heroes lack power.


But anyway:
Kunchen is tank, and Onatel flank? Always since I have these and no other 5 star tanks?

Kunchen is a top-tier tank. I normally think healers as tanks are a fail, but his immunity to -defense and that all-foes -defense ailment he throws makes him a tough nugget.

Onatel is not as good at tank because her special effect is extinguished when she dies. So yes, put her flank.


I would say Kunchen due to his innate ability to resist defense down. With Onatel, it is easier to defeat her because if you are packing Tiburtus in a purple stack or even a purple mono, one defense down and a vertical combo of three go into her, she is defeated. Where as with Kunchen he can stay up long enough to get his special off once before he is defeated. Mainly due to his innate resistance to defense down.

Bottom line, use Kunchen as tank.

Got it. :slightly_smiling_face:

So Kunchen tank, Onatel right flank :slight_smile:
Thx for replies.
Peace n :heart: : in every way to y’all
Moo out :blush:

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Based on the heroes you mentioned:

Frida - Onatel - Kunchen - Elena - Evelyn

Is that more scary?
I’ve been thinking the slow Elena will not fire before she is dead.

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Not really especially if you have Kunchen as tank.

He really protects the team really well.

Also, Elena stacks very well with him. He protects her until she fires. If she fires after him, it is usually GG to the attacker.


I am heavy reliant on Onathel in my team’s for both attack and defense but especially in attacks. I definitely found her better as a flank rather than a tank I. defense.

I don’t have Kuchen but he is ever a headache to fight against since I have no 5* healers on my roster. I need to lower my attack teams power by adding 4* healers to counter for Kuchen and then use debuffers to try and limit Kuchen’s impact.

My chances of beating a Kuchen team is currently 50/50 pending the board I am given. So Kuchen will be a bigger concern for me than Onathel in a defense team.
That being said I think there are way better tanks out there than either and they both will probably serve best as flanks on the long run.

@Zeal4living Do you have any 4 star maxed holy heroes? Because I have found that either triple stacking holy heroes or going mono holy against Kunchen works. Cause to get rid of him fast you need a ton of tile damage since his innate resistance to defense down makes him the ultimate tank on top of what his special already does.

@Aunty_Krauser I have Chao+16, and Wu+14, Justice 4:22 down my roster to support Onathel if I stack on yellow. Thanks for a suggestion I will give it a try.

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@Zeal4living That’s a perfect quad stack for Kunchen. But yeah, Onatel as tank doesn’t really work when you get to the platinum and diamond arenas. Cause everyone there either goes triple dark or mono dark and she gets obliterated.


@Aunty_Krauser 5 raids against a Kuchen tank winning 5-0! Thanks for the advice.

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