Which Purple 5* next?

I’ve been pretty lucky with pulling a ton of purple 5*, way more than any other color.

I’ve currently got Maxed and emblemed Domitia, and I’m working on Sartana with costume and Freya, both about 3:20. Definitely taking Sartana up max to replace Domitia on my main team when I get tabards, but I’m going to start working on a 4th 5* team to get my war strength up and I’m debating which one I should do.

I’m likely going to do Alfrike or Clarissa, but I also have Myztero, Obakan, Quintus, and a dupe Sartana.

Would be interested to hear thoughts.

I’d go with Clarissa and give yourself a very fast AoE dark hero. She will provide value both on defense and offense.

Nice roster!

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Clarissa, put emblems on her and you won’t be disappointed. I have her on my defence team and she is great

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I agree on Clarissa, but just note that she is a hit 3, not an AOE :+1:

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Yup, my bad. Small aoe :wink:

Claris, Alfie , Freya & Myz
(in that order)
b4 2nd Sarta.

None of the others.