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Very happy that I pulled Ares today. Was doing some research and out of the top 100 defence teams he was only on 1 team. Is Ares no longer a feared tank because of all the fast debuffers (looking at u Zeline!). Thoughts?

Ares is dope. Level ares.

An attack team containing Kiril, Grimm, and Sonya can really mess up an Ares tank with a decent board. But if the board doesn’t give blue tiles and Ares is flanked by good heroes, he does okay.

You may want to use him on offense if you have better heroes to tank with.

My impression is not that Ares is any less good than he was. It’s just that Guinevere topped him.

Of course, I have neither, so take this with an unhealthy amount of salt …

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Maximum Ares is very sturdy and his special makes him perfect to be flanked by fast snipers. I’m farming for a couple more pulls, I want him.

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His crit skill makes him very useful for offense too.
I use him for most titans and often in raids.

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The meta has moved on from Ares precisely because of the increasing availability of debuffing 5*.when Ares was released, there were no 5* debuff heroes. Now they are available, almost common.

As @havok333 notes, he’s still very good on offense. On defense, he’s just too easy to counter now.


He’s awesome in all aspects of the game. Is he the best in any one area? No, but most that are better than him are only better in one area.

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No longer deserves an A+ as a tank, should be downgraded to an A. I only have to bring Magni and Isarnia along with some snipers (Sartana, Lianna) and Delilah.

I’ll look for Ares or a other red tank so I don’t have to change my team when I raid. Occasionally I’ll bring Sonya too, but a lot less lately.


Thanks for the thoughts. Maybe it’s also the reduced availability of Ares till now as well as Guinevere being a better tank and the emergence of Gravemaker that makes him less popular in the current meta. Still very happy with him and he’s getting rings for sure.

Great thread, very inciteful, thanks. Just pulled Ares, noticed his rating and was wondering the same. And I have Zeline all leveled!

I use Ares in my best team. Strange thing is, my appreciation for him didn’t go into overdrive until I went up against other opponents that used him. It was then, that I realized how awkward and difficult he can become when you have to deal with him as a tank. My appreciation for him elevated. He might not be the best, but he is one of the better 5* heroes out there. Definitely a priority hero to have in your top 30 for wars.

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Some months later, have to say average in defence, easy to beat, great in attack. Still love him. Still don’t have any 5* healers to speak of…

Man was aries popular when he came out. He was in so many raid teams. Barely see him anymore and especially not in the top 1000 level. I guess as heroes continue to come out at the rate and power they do now, I guess it’s just evolution. I never had him myself so not sure if I would still be using him in today’s e and p or not.

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On defense, he was great pre-emblems era, and not so great after emblems era as many people can beat him easily now.

He just like 4* kashhrek on steroids

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I have 2 of him since some months and they’re still on 1/1. Maybe I’ll max one out for healing purpose on this class trials (Serenity), but he won’t find a place in my def, when I have BK :frowning:

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Honestly I really don’t like the Paladin defense ability it only lasts 2 turns and takes effect at the end of the turn… which means it doesn’t even reduce damage on the hit that triggered it!!!

I feel SGG really needs to adjust this trait so that it at bare minimum triggers before the hero takes damage… this small change would make all the hero’s that are paladins and frankly aren’t that great as tanks slightly better.

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Unfortunately true. I applied for beta and when asked about heroes to buff he was my first candidate as the game has outgrown him imo. He is good for class trials though as @angelofdark666 alluded to.

I think he might be usable on offense. On defense, if I run into him (which is rare these days), I use him to dump tiles into while I work the board

He’s great on offense.

2500 vs 3900
3 vs 5

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