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Ares is good on offense but his time on defense has run out. Still use him on titans and with +19 emblems, he produces. The game moves on and past the Ares and Guins of the world. Sad, but it is the way.

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I still use Ares+15 (could easily make it to +18, if food and iron permits) as my main tank in default defense. Only in rare instances do I see my cups below 2500 when I woke up in the morning to check on my account. Mostly I hover above 2500 after several hours of sleep. Of course, it is routine that I lost 200-300+ cups every morning, seeing that there are several failed attacks and successful defenses. I am even chuckling when the several players above level 60 tried 3 times miserably trying to revenge me.

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He was my first legendary from a golden token after 3 days of playing when I didn’t knew anything about the game. For that he’s my all time companion and still gets on the warfield in my red stack.

As an offensive hero, you see how special Ares can be when you set off a couple of avalanches just after you trigger his special skill. Increasing the attack and the chance of critical strikes with both him and his neighboring allies. You then see why his special skill is nicknamed the ‘Might of Ares’. Unfortunately, avalanches don’t happen often enough, and a weakness of Ares is that he does not have a strong attack.

Surprisingly enough, I use Ares as my right flank and not as my tank for valid reasons. But still think he makes a great tank, even by the standards of the modern E & P’s heroes that have come out since. In maximizing Ares to his full potential, decide who you want to put beside him. Ask yourself who has the best attack that would be worthwhile when Ares special skill is triggered, or which other heroes on your team do you want to protect the most, as Ares special skill will also give back a good amount of HP over a few turns.

Same here, he was in my defence team for ages, he was way the healthiest red I had. Until I changed to a healerless def team, and then my darling Blacky came along…

Yes, he’s still great on offence! When I meet him as a tank say, I’m happy, I do exactly the same thing! He’s a great tile repository

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