How best to use Ares or wait because he is not worth it in current meta

Hi Guys,

I have Ares at 3/70 and he will be my next red ascension baring anything lucky in the next little bit…I do not have any emblems for him. I know he used to be thought of as very good but less so now. He will not be part of defence but how valuable is he on titans? Any natural pairings for him in war?

I’ve maxxed my Ares as my 1st red…and he was great help to my map and quest levels…he was also good enough to keep me in the low diamond league.
Today his use is limited to titans mostly but in war I’m using him regularly on telly tanks :slight_smile:
I was pairing him in the mono red (Wilbur/ falcon / ares / azlar / bold… or alter alternatively with Wu kong to see mayhem :slight_smile: he also works great with guardian kong and anzogh. On the other hand - when I use 3/2 stack I flank him with heavy hitters in dominant color…he is sturdy without emblems so I don’t regret maxing him…

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