Grazul or Ares - Which is better as an all-around Hero?

Finally pulled Grazul after 150 pulls in Avalon. Spent waaay too much, but now the conundrum…

Grazul or Ares?

I find myself one ring away (obtained very soon) from being able to fully ascend Ares or Grazul.
I have room in my everyday team for one and am wondering which would be most beneficial as an all-round hero?

Each is niche in a way, and would likely need a second or supplemental healer, but i’d like to get a comparison discussion going on the merits of each. Where they are better, worse, and who they compliment.


I vote Grazul and 20 characters.

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Seconded Grazul
20 c

Ares. He’s a beast on offence and on defence w emblems he’s a pretty ■■■■ good red tank

What competition do you have for emblems in those categories — paladin / cleric?

I’m in a very similar boat — one ring to go; but Vixx overthinking kicked in …

Everyone always overlooks how amazing Ares is on offense. So I would vote Ares.

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I’m in same situation, have 5 rings,
but I promise I’ll max BK first if the RNG gods will let me pull him during Avalon.

Ares for being the most offensive hero in the game. And actually is only offensive, he has no business in defense. LOL. Is there an easier tank to defeat in diamond? I don’t think so. As tank, Ares is a joke. In wars/raids/titan is a top 5 heroes in the game. I would say go with Ares. Yes, I am subjective, I don’t even like Grazul.

Ares - He’s not a good war defense tank? He doesn’t slow em down enough to make em spend an extra flag or two?

Hansel is only competition for cleric. Cyprian for Paladin, but Ares would get them all.

I’m sticking to my plan to promote Ares (3/70) as soon as I acquire a full set of rings. I have Grazul at 2/60. Took her on a Diamond raid today against a GM tank. She kept him in check. With her, position does not matter. You can hide her in the corner, put someone next to her that will increase her defense (e.g. Magni). She does her job.

Ares is meant to take a beating. Thanks to those who pointed out he is not good on defense. Helped me put things in perspective and check my assumptions about Grazul.

Think you could do either and be happy until your next round, clear path on emblems —

Personally I’d lean towards Gaz — based on my personal hero’s and preferences… but Ares can really pull an offensive team together; especially if you benefit from the large HoT.

To me, He’s like Hamburger Helper for the 3 he boosts, and even I you build out a deep, evolved bench can still hold his own in multiple scenarios.

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