Trouble deciding

Hidden blades have always been in short supply for me, so I need help deciding which hero should get em…All three are on their last ascension.

Ares, Zimkitha, or Wilbur…

I use Ares on my defense team currently. Wilbur MAY take the place of Sumitomo if leveled, but not decided on that.

Do you have rings for Ares?

I sure do. Lol…took a while to get those too.

I sure do, took a while to get those too.

Then i’d go ares

Wilbur would be next on my list after that tho

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Much appreciated. How well does Ares stand up in the later on? I’m assuming he’s pretty decent, but not top tier because dispels ruin his ability.

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For attacking top players still use him and on titans as well.

For defense well he’s not guin or grave so meh.

Basically you have guin then grave then everyone else is average or worse.

There are worse tanks though and i could see myself tanking with him in wars if your alliance uses red tanks

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