Ares or GM #2

Hey all, I did a x30 pull this morning and was lucky enough to land x2 Ares.

My question is exactly what the topic states my newly pulled Ares or a second GM to 4/80. I have plenty of blades and five rings.

I know Ares is a good hero but haven’t seen anything in this forum on him lately. I know this decision can also depend on the player and what they are working with. My current fire heroes are GM+7 Falcon 4/70 Wilbur 4/70 BT 4/70. I’m still leaning towards a second GM but I also have over 300 paladin emblems. With that being said Frida is parked at 3/70 until I have 6 more scopes. What do you all think? And thanks in advance for the input

I still feel Grave #2

Ares is good… Grave2 is just better to raid with, defend with, war with, etc.

that said, 3/70 both Ares right after


I agree with @PeachyKeen

Ares is great, but i looks like you can already field a good mono team for titans, and unless you are looking for a Fire tank for raids or wars, GM#2 makes for lots of NASTY war/raid setups.


I agree with both of you all.

However, playing devils advocate with emblems what order Frida, Ares, or Aegir for Paladin? (I don’t have Aegir but others might want to know). I’d lean towards Aegir or Ares bc of the protect power.

If you wanted to take more of a conservative approach while raiding having emblems on GM with mana troops and emblems on Ares with crit troops in a 3-2 stack that would also be a fairly lethal combination as they’ll both be able to take some punches.

And if GM isn’t an option where does Ares rank among the legendary fire heroes? Is Ares a no brainer for rings? Just want to start a little discussion and see how the community views him years after initial release. Thanks for the responses!

I think Frida flanked by 2x GM on defense would be very daunting for attackers. I’m curious to get people’s thoughts on Ares (vs GM) as well, thanks for starting this conversation.

When I was working my way up, I was so afraid of Ares, he was almost impossible to beat. I got one when he was featured the first time back in September 2018. Now I never see him as a tank when raiding and, when I do, I happily raid him because he’s not Kunchen, Guin, or Aegir. I still love to play with him and he has saved my raid team on many occassions, so I still think he’s an “A+” caliber stud, but has Ares’ sun set?

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Ares is still fantastic (A+ to me as well), but as the top 100 rosters show…just not quite in the same league at Aegir, Guin, Kunch, Bosswolf, etc.

As for emblems, I am giving all my often used heros in my roster at least 1 level (for a chance at the skill). I would heavily emblem whoever you are using most (especially is you are talking about an Ares or Aegir tank for war or your D). But for me, Frida is a key piece for my Ice Mono stack for titans so she gets my emblems.

As with most things in the game, your usage should determine your usage of mats, emblems, etc.

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I’m thinking the same thing. I haven’t been playing for as long as you but I’ve been in diamond arena for a few months now. I’ve only seen him as a flank a couple times. Ares artwork is awesome imo and he has a high grade when looking at anchors guide. However, nobody has talked about Ares in a long time and the game has changed.

Personally, I prefer variety more myself, and I prioritize titan hits. A second GM won’t be as useful as Ares for titans, so my choice here would be clear for me. I would max Ares, and put Elena and Scarlett right beside Ares to maximize my damage (+Wu and Wilbur obviously against green titans, as I have no Falcon).

But again, those are my priorities.

Assuming this is for defense comparisons. They’re very different heroes even though they’re the same color.

Ares role is to not let his allies get killed, and buff them to do all the damage. Gravemaker doesn’t support like that, instead he takes the “a good defense is a good offense” approach.

But as I said in the beginning of this post, I’d prefer myself to have Ares just for titans. I don’t believe Gravemaker is that much better to consider a duplicate before Ares (if this were Azlar that has a similar skill to GM, then the discussion may have been different)


I’ve only been playing for under a year, but when I’ve read the archives on Ares players talked about his defense a lot. As the game has evolved what makes him interesting is his offensive abilities especially against titans. I believe he’s still heavily used just not on defense. That’s why I wanted to get the discussion going. Thanks for the reply @DaveCozy

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Gravy ALL the way…
And I have BOTH maxed

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