🔵 [Apr 08, 2020] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Puss & LotL is all you need.
No items, Woolie had dinner.


No changes. I was half asleep. :grin:

On the bench: Icewitch Isarnia, Scarlett, Tony Danza, Jackals #1 and #2, Nat 3.70, Ameonna, C Cat, Sabina, Peters, Ceremonial Li, Brynhild

No problem getting to the bosses. I unleashed everyone. The boards were in my favor, and Skittles dropped quickly.

Dom dropped soon thereafter.

Trainer to Chick Jr (lolz) and emblems to Marjana and Mitsuko.


AND the wonderful, albeit extremely plain and forgettable, Brynhild! Heal neighbours for 37%, provides a 74% defence buff against specials and a 24% mana boost for neighbours for 3 turns and she is Fast!!! A game changer for me! I haven’t attempted stage three yet and with an hour to go I don’t think I will because i don’t really believe I can do it. :smile:


Thanks for the tips, folks. I have Brynhild on the ascent, and I was just wondering this morning where/how I should use her. May have to kick the tires here.

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@Guvnor. @zephyr1 Brynhild inclusion.


Believe I’ve added her to the op didnt i?

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Autoplay sorted out the first couple rounds as usual

Final Battle - Trials of Shadows 9th April


  • Reset Token = NO
  • Rogue Emblems = 140 / 125 for Alice Node 8
  • Sorcerer Emblems = 162 / 250 for Morgan Le Fey Node 20… Maybe
  • Trainer = Fed to Vela (now 4-79)

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