🔵 [Nov 20, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Team Last Time

Team This Time

Swapped Scarlett out for Inari. No other changes.


Breezed thru the mob stages like usual. Accidentally triggered my yellow diamond JUST before finishing off the last mob so had nothing on the board going into the boss stage.

Fired off Jackal and Khiona at Scarlett first (as she’s the squishy one). Targetted Skittles 3 times in a row with Morgan and basically killed her with just Morgans special.
Triggered Inari just before Scarlett and Dom fired to make best use of her dodging.

Killed skittles first thanks to Morgan. Then Scarlett fell quick after. Then just whittled away at Dom.

Sabina died early in the boss battle (forgot about her haha). Jackal also died right at the end after dodging 3 straight Dom specials (2x Inari, 1x rogue talent).

Used 1 2* health pot.


Sorcerer emblems into pile for Morgan (need another 20)
Rogue ones awaiting Inari to finish ascending (will also reset khiona when she’s done… Maybe…)