Anzogh any good?

I haven’t seen him hit for that much and his heals are usually under 100points each

I just hunted out an Anzogh tank to test. His attack hit for 350 to 450 damage across my team. Obviously, the better your defense, the less he’ll hit for. At a defense stat average of 700, his attacks will drop to around 300 damage.


I still don’t see a role for him anywhere.

  • stats are “normal” (not great attack, no buffs. Useless for titans)
  • elemental defence (meh)
  • no critical for the opponent (special doesn’t crit already, tiles only sometimes)
  • his healing is shared (tank position is actually what get 70% of damage, cure others is quite unnecessary. So…Elkanen is better for tank position?)

Still not go for him.

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Unfortunately I’d have to agree…I’d take BT over him easily

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A lot of people are going to have him next month, Atlantis has Ariel and Poseidon, Teltoc (right?) will also lead to a lot of summons.

Anzogh, may not be the top red 5* but will probably help improve many players. The team heal could be very nice for red stacking on Titans, if you have Zimkitha you have the extra 4% per turn as well so no healer needed unless you bring Boldtusk for the attack boost.

If he has indeed been moved to average mana it seems like a significant improvement.

Many comments are that healer tanks are no good because they act as tile dumps, this one heals and deals some damage, not entirely free tile dump any more. He looks like a hybrid and therefore not best in class in any single thing.

If he is firing after Falcon and/or Wilbur…yikes (clearly that works better when attacking). He needs the right heroes around him to be most effective and it appears that will be hard to arrange for defense teams.


thanks for sharing the beta news! average does seem to make him useful in a red stack… but yeah he seems still underwhelming. at least i may be tempted to actually pull for him now


Want to point out another good comparison: Anzogh - Guardian kong

Speed: Average - Average
Attack: 698 (Anzogh) - 782 (Kong)
Special attack: AoE 215% (Anzogh) - AoE 220% (Kong)
Elemental shield: only on reds 46% (Anzogh) - all colors 94% (Kong)

So a mediocre hero like Guardian kong is actually better pretty much for everything, except he doesn’t heal.

Is that heal so important?


@zephyr1 thanks, will share this with alliance mates. It makes a big difference to me.

Worst skills are the ones that hardly fire, so the slower mana.

Some slow mana have the tank stats defense and health to survive and fire, but didn’t look like it for anzogh.

devs should do the same for that green rag Atomos

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Sad because I don’t like that pompous a$$ Owl.

They’re very different kinds of heroes. Looking at defense and health:

G. Kong: 580/1421
Anzogh: 793/1279

Anzogh is a lot sturdier pre-troops, and the defense bonus for defenders really magnifies his sturdiness.

A big part of why G. Kong is so undesirable is because of how easy he is to kill…


Sadly i’m afraid they are much more similar that what you think.
They both miss the “wow” factor in their specials.

Guardian Kong in theory is a better version of Azlar. Similar attack, similar % special, better speed.

The only thing he miss is a good secondary effect (which elemental defence is not). For all the rest, you can love him as much as people love the lion.
And people do love the lion. But that DoT makes all the difference.

Anzogh sure can survive more, but his special doesn’t scare anyone and his stats are not nearly enough to make him a good tank. And he is in wizard class, with nearly 0 chance to get emblems with the other monsters around there.

Not a great tank.
Not a great offender.
Not a great healer.
Not a great hero, i’m sorry.


They’re really not similar at all, despite what you seem to think.

Elemental defense for a non-tank is practically worthless. No one with reasonable options would tank a glass cannon like G. Kong. So his secondary is badly misdesigned for his role.

Anzogh, on the other hand, is sturdy enough to tank. You say his stats don’t make him “nearly good enough to tank.” On what basis?

He is literally sturdier than Guin when on defense, and is likewise average mana. His special is way less useful than Guin’s. But so is just about every other tank special in the game.

So his elemental defense has a practical application for those who want to use him in that role, and is likely to meaningfully prolong the fight if he fires.

A group heal of 300-400 damage per hero is also a very useful secondary effect. Having a bunch of damage erased at the same time as you get hit for 25%-33% of your health is annoying in the extreme. It makes it incrementally harder to kill fast snipers. And in War defenses with attack boost, he’s probably very nasty.

He is likely a decent flank due to his heal. I’ve seen few instances of him in that role in beta since he became average mana, so it’s harder to do more than theorize. As a slow flank, he was kind of worthless.

If you try to use Anzogh like you’d use Azlar or G. Kong, of course he’s going to be a disappointment. It’s best to judge heroes based on their target roles, though, not just on offensive stat line and role-independent assessment of secondary effects.


He were already a good hero, now it is great.
Average, high defense and attack, heals on AoE damage and put a undispellable ice shield.

He isn’t Gravemaker, he isn’t Santa Claus, he isn’t Ares but he will still be the go-to-pull tank for middle alliances war’s. He doesn’t deals low damage forwhat he does and the average speeds makes him very yummy.


Hi, remember what ppl were saying before GM got released? We’ll see.

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Gravemaker… peoples were underestimating him a bit too much…


This right here is exhibit A for why I try not to argue with you too often about heroes :slightly_smiling_face:


Would Anzogh heal stack with Aegir heal or be a conflict with it?

Anzogh’s heal is an immediate effect of his special skill, not a status effect. So it works like any other healer does, and won’t conflict with Aegir’s healing.


I tried to warn you, there’s nothing else i can do.
If you like him, so be it.
Next time i’ll be sure to keep my opinion for myself.

It seems nothing good comes for trying to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Anzogh is not bad but not great either from what I see.

Breakdown his skills 1 by 1 (excluding troops):

  • hit all @ 205% on 698 damage (not bad)
  • heals 20% of damage dealt to all allies (good skill - almost BT like heal or super Elk)
  • enemies get no critical hit (this is actually the most important skill - raises the survivability of the team considerably)
  • ice elemental defense of 42% for 4 turns (good skill to have since enemies usually stack against the tank irregardless what other color heroes you have on your team)

Anzogh makes a solid tank for sure. Does not punish a bad board much.
Great time staller, so be sure to team him up with good hitters and keep a good cleanse hero with him like Zim or Rigard.

The bad:

  • no cleanse
  • no attack/defense buffs
  • not a game changer

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