New Player With a Few Team Building Questions

Okay so I read in another thread that you should work on a full 3 star team, then a full 4 star them, then a full 5 star team. I now have my 3 star team at level 50 (or close to it) and fully ascended.

  1. Should I be using ascension tokens on 3 star units, or is that wasteful?
    1a. If I should use ascension tokens on my 3 stars, what paths should I be taking?
  2. I have Ulmer at 43 (fully ascended), but just got Valen. Should I drop Ulmer for Valen?
  3. I’m starting to level up 4 star units since my 3 stars are 50. I have both Sabina and Tiburtus, and I don’t know who to level since they’re both B-tier.
  4. I was leveling Nashgar because I had nothing better to do, but now that I have Anzogh I’m guessing I should dump my cannon fodder into him?

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First, these are great questions, and you are obviously thinking the right thoughts about building your team. Good job!

I would consider whether you have a 4-star in that same class. For example, you have Bane, who is a monk and could take the emblems. But you also have Wu Kong (who should definitely be the 4-star yellow you start leveling), who is also a monk. Since you should plan to level him next, you might consider saving the emblems for him. Reset tokens are rare, and resetting without one costs gems and a percentage of the emblems. On the other hand, I don’t see any 4-star clerics in your lineup, so giving cleric emblems to Hawkmoon might make sense if you plan to use her for a while. (Although I have several 4-stars and a few 5-stars, I still have no good clerics, and I have Hawkmoon with 18 talents!)

That’s ultimately about what the hero does best and how you use them. It varies from hero to hero. Try searching for topics about that specific hero to see what other folks are doing with them.

Without question, in my opinion. Valen is pretty well regarded as the best 3-star blue in the game. Ulmer’s special can be devastating, but he is slow mana and kind of fragile, so you often don’t get a chance to use it. Eventually, you will probably want a 3-star bench that is at least 2 deep in each color, so it’s not like you’ve wasted your efforts leveling Ulmer. Graymane, however, is almost useless, after a point, so don’t make it a priority to level him (like I did!) Karil and Gunnar also have uses as 3-star blues, but Valen is a cut above.

Both of them are really good heroes, imo. I have both maxed, and I use them regularly. I’m gonna give the edge to Sabina here. You don’t appear to have another 4-star healer, so that would give her priority for me. If you had Boldtusk, Kiril, or Melendor, Tiburtus would probably get the edge.

Not necessarily. Five-stars take a ton of XP, food, and materials to level. If you don’t have all the materials, he could get stuck at 2^60 for a while. Anzogh at 2^60 might be slightly better than Nashgar at 3^50, but it will take a lot longer to get him there. I’d keep leveling Nashgar for bench depth and hope to pull a red 4-star in the meantime. If you don’t, maybe you’ll at least be close enough to collecting enough hidden blades to take Anzogh to 3^70. Try the red elemental summon if you have enough gems when it rolls around. That’s how I plugged my four-star blue hole with Grimm.

More advice you didn’t ask for

Your 4-star team is shaping up to be:

  • Sabina
  • Wu Kong
  • Caedmon
  • Captain of Diamonds
  • A red TBD

That ain’t half bad, honestly.

  • You should consider feeding at least some of those duplicate Dawas to Wu Kong. Dawa is a very weak 3-star hero, and Wu is probably the best 4-star yellow in the game. You want to get him up to speed ASAP.
  • Captain of Diamonds is a very niche hero. He’ll be an upgrade over your 3-stars, but don’t be afraid to switch off him to Grimm, Kiril, or maybe even Sonya if they come along. There just aren’t enough minion casting heroes, especially where you are now, to make him super effective.
  • If you aren’t able to get a serviceable red, don’t be afraid to double up with another four-star like Tiburtus for a while, if you have him leveled enough. I ran two reds - Gormek and Kelile - and no blue for a while before Grimm showed up.
  • Prisca is also a terrible 3-star. I’d level your second Tyrum before dumping anything into Prisca.

Thank you so much for your thorough reply! I’m glad a lot of what you said lined up with what I was thinking. I’ve been referencing Anchor’s super useful tier list, so that’s helped steer me in the right direction; however, I don’t see Anzogh on the list… how good would you say he is for a 5 star red?

There’s a good deal of discussion of Anzogh in these threads:

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Oh, I didn’t realize he’s brand new - I don’t follow the news much. Thanks so much!

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  1. No.

Since there are no 3* cleansers, Ulmers bad state aliment is one of the best 3* specials. He is also nice in wars against riposte, if he won’t die before his cast.

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Gill-ra can clean your team


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