Azlar or Anzogh

Hey People,
Who to ascend of the two? I’m totally Not Sure. :grin: Thanks for your advises.

What do you need? A semi-attacker-healer or a monster? I would go with azlar, who kills an entire army when ready and can be feed with mana potions on field/event where his slowness doesn’t count. Don’t have anzogh though.

I’d say it depends on what else you have. What are your other heroes on defense? I’m not a huge fan of either, to be honest. I don’t have Azlar, but I do have Anzogh. I’m tempted to level him, but he is low priority. Mana speed is so important, I don’t really like Azlar. I hate waiting for slow to charge.

Azlar is full damage dealer with low Defense and could be easily countered by Rigards
Anzogh is semi damage dealer with extra Heal + Average Mana

for Defense , i prefer Anzogh , for Raid/Event i will choose Azlar

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i don’t need any of those two für defense. It’s just for the other aspects of the game. War, Event, etc. Actually i have Gravemaker and Zimti and al lot of 4*reds finished. So, i think i will choose Azlar…thank you.

I advise Azlar as he deals massive damage.

I have both and I would choose Anzogh. Azlar ist slow; Anzogh is medium and has very good defense.


Been debating the same. While Azlar deals much higher damage, he is so sadly delicate that it’s tough to justify spending the materials on him. I lean strongly towards Anzogh now that I’ve maxed a Zim.

Azlar for tile damage and a raid turnaround skill.

Anzogh for utility. A little bit of everything heal / attack / color defense.

I have both and I will still say AZLAR!!!

I will have soon same situation. Right now I will prefer Azlar. It was my First 5* hero and still not maxed. He have high tile damage. I also owning already maxed Zimkitha Ares and QoH.

How bad is Anzogh when used in rainbow defense and raids?

I would not say bad but just not great.

He really punches like a girl after a few tries against him.

So this is how it feels like when you really want a hero to be great but turns out to be meh? Lol :pleading_face:

But seriously he is not bad in an offensive lineup as he keeps the team alive but would not be the first red 5* for your first set of rings.

Gotcha. I can wait then. I’ve accumulated so much heroes since I played early this year. I’ll level some of them first. That’ll keep me busy and not itch too much in using these mystics!

i had both of them , i could say


  • Decent for defense , mostly killed before casts special but bring fear to opponent. Typical paper canon.
  • Good for Offense , but due on Slow Mana , need 1 more turn to match with BT + Wilbur
  • Good tile damage for Titan
  • Good for Event due all damage to opponent + burn effect


  • Good for Defense due on High Defense , basicly Anzogh is Azlar with lower damage but higher defense with healing ability , give decent damage but annoying.
  • Very Good for Offense combined with Wilbur + BT + Falcon because of Average mana
  • Decent for Titan but better than azlar for *12/*13 titan due on survivability
  • Same score as Azlar for Event

in short , Anzogh is better due on Average mana , i used Azlar before many times in Offense and its annoying to wait 1 more turn / matched red for Azlar to casts his special while BT + Wilbur already fulled mana. and yeah i never use Azlar in Raid Offense after got Anzogh.

but if you had another Red as Mitsuko , Santa , Queen , Marjana , then skip Anzogh as last pick


Great arios, nice info. Thanks!

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