I've been sitting on tell and now have 17 tonics

Is it time I upgrade tell and incorporate her into my defense? I can get her to max with 20 emblems. Should I stick with my current defense or should I switch it around. Let me know your thoughts. 1 is current 2 or 3 is what I could change to

Should I save the mats and wait for a better green or what?

Nope. Her being nerfed twice makes Telluria limited only to serve as defensive tank, nothing more. Previously, I love having her on my 2nd monogreen team because her damage, her total healing, minions’ stats and mana regen %age delay was a bit higher. Sadly, those were gone. She is mainly serving as my war tank by reason that she is my tankiest hero and that I don’t have another better alternative.

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They have destroyed her .
Save your mats for something better.
Melendor C is better than Telluria right now.

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Only reason to max and emblem her now is if your alliance uses green tanks for war. I’ve replaced her as my defense tank and she’s not on the D team at all now. But our alliance alternates between dark and nature tanks so I’m keeping her at +20 just for those.


There seems to be a lot of hate about her that is undeserving. I do agree that unless you plan to go Green tanks for war she should probably not end up on your defense. She does a lot less when in a flank than as a tank… BUT with that said she is still very useful and a 5* healer with plenty of utility:

Incorrect for many of the raids in Diamond. Melendor is serviceable, but often gets one/two shot (any sniper, Odin/Frigg, <“Insert Ninja Here”>). I do use Melendor rarely when I NEED a dispel like a Krampus/Taunt/Riposte, but in every other case the minion plus the HoT is more effective life immediately and enough over time that her utility and survivability outmatch any Melendor. Remember, she has 5* stats and can take plenty of hits.

Again, she is a healer/support. Do not forget her mana effect can set you ahead a turn or two before the defense goes off. The damage could not even exist and I would still bring her over a 4* healer as the 5* survivability is key in Diamond over anything else. Her minions give a ~200HP boost and the heal over time while not amazing added together keeps me alive much more than C Melendor. Having to wait a turn for HP to tick is sometimes too little too late.

As for the original question:

Do you think you need a beefy green healer/support for raids/war/tournaments/events? If so then I think she does a great job as just that. Just makes my C.Melendor warm the bench more often than not, as I do not always need a second dispel with Evelyn around too.

P.S. Minions get around the “Bloody” rules and give you hp where other healers cannot. She’s still a gem even if she is not a bright as they originally made her.


Without going into details, Telluria’s still a good tank IMO. I’ve tried putting Freya or other tanks like Ariel or Alfrike but she’s way better (to be fair, she has more emblems). She’s also particularly protected due to the fact that reds usually don’t dispel, the best reds to counter her are past HOTM or heroes locked behind a paywall (Gefjon…). So when she goes off it’s painful to come back + a lot of fire heroes are average/slow.

However, I don’t use her that much in offense and I prefer Melendor to dispel and add a defense buff to all.

In time I’ll max my unlevelled Heimdall to replace her as a tank I think but she’s still a key in my team. Depends if you feel like you need her to tank or not.

Her stats and talents are also wonderful as a tank. I suspect a lot of my opponents have trouble killing her before my flanks and wings go off.

Yeah, no.

Tell is a shadow of her former self, and MAYBE C Mel is better on attack, but there’s no way he’s better on defense.

Tell +20 is part of my green 3/2 stack (until I finish Zeline), and she can take a full strength hit from any sniper in the game and still be at 1/2-2/3 health. That same shot would kill or nearly kill Melendor, costume and emblems or not.

On defense she’s still solid, but not even the best green tank anymore (c Kadilen IMHO, Heimdall and even Frigg can be better).

To the OP - she has uses, but won’t be on your defense team unless you go green tanks (and don’t have any of the above). Given how many tonics you have, I’d only consider leveling her if you have no others and would use in bloody battles (and maybe equalizer wars — her effects are so short they’re hardly affected).

I meant on attack only yes .
In several top aliances
( 7dd, Aggressive ) for war attack teams they replaced Tell with Melendor C. Believe me they know better then us.

Everyone is loaded with red Heroes and have been working on war teams vs Tell for the last 6 months.

Telluria days as great tank are long gone and that’s her best position. Frigg , Kadilen C, Heimdall are more popular options now for green tanks so the only position she is usable she isn’t best option in her own color.

. She’s still a gem even if she is not a bright as they originally made her.

She is about as much of a gem as Guinevere. They both sit in the corner wondering what the hell happened to them .

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In my honest opinion … NO
She has had two nerf that basically made her a good defence tank only.
Unfortunately she is now being overtaken by other better green tanks like Frigg, Heimdall and Costume Kadilen.
I have Telluria at 4/80 and I reset her to give all the emblems to Heimdall.
I also have a duplicate Telluria sat at 3/70 that never sees action.

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The same here, just finished leveling Heimdall and I will transfer all emblems from Telluria to him. Heimdall is good on defense, has better use elsewhere and a beast on vf wars, so i would get way more value out of those emblems used on him rather than Telluria who is now only a good, but not even close to top tier tank. They basically destroyed her. Her heal is weak, and i have way better healers (Kunchen, Ariel, Ratatoskr, C. Rigard, C. Kiril, Raffaele just to name a few ), her dmg is basically non existent and there are so many counters to her mana slow (Grazul, Garnet, Vanda, Lady Loki just to name the reds), so do i regret ascending her? Absolutely not as she was fantastic for a while, but multiple nerfs and continous release of heroes countering her made her usefulness way less than before. So if i got her now i wouldnt waste my tonics on her.

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