Strip emblems from Sonya to give to Telluria?

Yes I know the answer should be an obvious and resounding yes, however…

My Telluria is currently at 4/40, and I anticipate she will be maxed within 2 weeks. I have Sonya’s costume maxed, and I use her costume for the fast cleanse more than the dispel since I already have a Caedmon+11.

Sonya is only at +6 so resource wastage is minimal, but with the costume bonus even at +6 Viking Sonya’s stats are pretty damn crazy @ 676-798-1103. She’s tanky enough to survive a direct hit from a 4/80 Liana (granted non-emblemed), so she’s an invaluable staple in my roster since it means I no longer have to bring Rigard to every raid.

If I used a reset emblem I will have 225 paladin emblems in total, which is 5 short of getting Telly to +4. For some reason I just don’t feel it’s very economical to strip Sonya of her emblems and throw everything at Telly, since +4 is basically +15 atk and +18 def, or 2% increase in stats so same difference.

All my alliance mates have said I’m crazy for wanting to keep the emblems on Sonya, since Telly is that good. I agree she is probably the top tank right now, but in terms of emblem efficiency, I still think it’d be better to wait for more paladin emblems to come along than to neuter Viking Sonya. What do you guys say?

It depends largely on where your primary defense currently stands compared to where it could be, so that also depends on who you have in your roster that works well on a defense with Telluria.

I stripped emblems off Frieda to give to Tell. Frieda can hold her own without them, in my opinion. I kept emblems on Sonya as I use her a lot for epic challenges.

Make sure you look at the big picture, too.

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Current defense:

Caed+11, cTibs, Boldtusk+13 with max costume (858 def 1289 HP), cLi Xiu, cSonya+6

I can very comfortably hold 1800-1900 cups overnight with this setup.

cTibs and cLi Xiu are the obvious weak links, but I literally just pulled their costumes 4 days ago so kinda short on feeders and hams lol. I have enough ranger emblems to take Tiburtus to +11, and enough monk emblems to take LX to +6, or +11 if I strip them off Wilbur (not likely).

Honestly if I ran Telly as tank, the only change I’d make is to swap out Caed+11 for Scarlett+9, but I feel that’s actually non-ideal since I lose a dispeler (or cleanser if I switch Sonya back to vanilla version), plus Scarlett is super squishy and just not very ideal on defense. So yeah, clearly feeling pretty conflicted.

Probably start giving Paladin emblems to Telly going forward, but it doesn’t sound like you would benefit a whole lot from Telly until you can lock down more 5* heroes to bring it together to carry you to the next level.

Do you have Sabina or Proteus? I could see Telly working with one of those, Sonya, Li Xiu, and Wilbur on defense.

I wouldn’t consider changing up your defense at least until Telluria was maxed 4/80.


Yes thank you, that was my thought exactly, hence why I wasn’t the most enthusiastic on stripping emblems off Sonya.

My current 5* roster is very limited:

  • Azlar 1/1
  • Richard+costume 1/1
  • Master Lepus 1/1
  • Telluria2 1/1
  • Horghall 1/1
  • Atomos 1/1 :cry:
  • Margaret 1/1 (grrrr)
  • Justice 1/1
  • Malosi 1/34
  • Jabberwock 1/1
  • Ursena 2/60

As you can see I fully embraced this forum’s “do not level up 5* before your 4* (or at least not above 2/60)” mantra :smile: Made an exception for Telly since she was just too good to pass on, plus she’s just as great on offense.

Yes, Sabina is at 1/1 but Proteus is +9 and counting. He’s the one 4* I’m fully committed to getting to +20 so he can truly become a mini Hel.

I started leveling 5* heroes as soon as I got them. I have no regrets. I worked off the same all-4* team for months until I landed Seshat.

I would probably starting looking in the direction of your 5* heroes. You have the heroes to create one helluva defense.


The only issue is the Paladin conflicts between Telluria and Justice, but even at 4/80 Justice is pretty strong. That defense would be solidly in Diamond Arena. You probably wouldn’t struggle to stay there either. I would hold onto your emblems for those heroes, as well.

Richard is also a paladin, don’t have enough emblems in the world for 3x 5* paladins lol.

And yes as you can see I’ve already started slowly puttering along the 5* heroes. I already have 3x red, blue, and purple 4* heroes at 4/70, just need one more 4* yellow (most likely Jackal when I finally pull him next event), and two more 4* greens (Peters probably, and Hansel if/when I pull him), to get 3x 4* rainbow teams at 4/70 and I’d start feeling comfortable throwing everything at the 5* heroes. Logic being I usually run 3-1-1 for raids, so 3 strong color in every color at 4/70 would be perfect.

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