Alliance War Score Win/Loss History Limit Changed from 10 to 20

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Does it instantly take account of the last 20 or does it build up to 20 over the next 10 wars? Just curious, we certainly don’t track our performance close enough to be able to tell a difference :smile:


Build up to 20 over next 10 wars


Thanks for the info.


Extra bump for visibility. Because you can never have enough bumps, unless they are moles and covering your face, then I guess more than 2 is too many?

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This literally makes Zero Sense Other the kicking the can down the road.

With the current Ladder System in EP/used in other games. This is exactly what happens. We are all on the Top of it in pecking order and the bottom. The only way to fill up Center is population of the game.

I love having a higher War Score in Relationship to Titan/Cups. So I am solid anyhow.

But current War Issues are:

  1. Teams exploiting with 28 or 29 and not filling so they can go undefeated (Could be corrected by giving us Value in Chest and loot based on Tiers). This immediately fix’s 28 and 29 teams to go to 30.

  2. Teams being able to Win at Max Penalty? This went from ~6 in the game Per month, Summer to 16-18 during Summer to close to 25 per month now days. Some doing it once and some 75-85+%. Some teams are extremely good at it and it’s not the top 10 Teams in game. This is due to War Stat, 3/2 VS 4/1 VS Mono, + Emblems + people Amplifying Emblems with Troops & most importantly skill cap.

  • Adjusting is all to 20 Penalties gifts us all 10 Wins in 45-60 Days but the Pecking order is still the same.

This adjustment makes Zero Sense unless we are buying time for Emblems to flat out the top 50 Teams in the game. Fact in current type Ladder system we are ALWAYS going to be staggered off the top & the bottom. 10, 20 or 30 “counters”



Not really… Cause match-making takes into account the top 30 heroes of all opted in members. Thus there is an accounting section for alliances which have less than full members.

Not sure what the issue is here? Is it that some teams are too good at wars? Thats kinda their prerogative tho…?


All good Sir maybe a bit defensive. I don’t type well but understand the Mechanics just not the logic to why 10 to 20.

Sorry wasn’t trying to be a “Forum Warrior”. Just trying to understand the apparent issue…

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