Not fair, what do you advise?

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Why do you say it is unfair? There is a 7 player deficit that may be difficult to overcome, but you only showed a partial cup count on 1 alliance.
Look at titan scores, I bet you’re within 5k or less

The real problem is alliances that just put one player in their defense teams so you can’t possibly earn points by beating them. We keep getting this and now members are getting frustrated and quitting. I hope developers realize this quickly.

Again, this defense fails as each alliance is worth 2000 loints no.matter if they decide to spread evenly or consolidate into a few fat targets while conceding 15-25 defenses


To add to what talisax has said, if you see scattered 1 hero teams, dont waste flags on them. Instead use those flags on the strong teams since they are now worth more points due to 1 hero teams being worth less. 1 hero kill on a 5 hero team can be worth double what a 1 hero team is worth. I wouldn’t mess with the 1 hero teams unless it will revive whole alliance and even then i would use weak heros

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Could be worth 100x the 1* teams


Ok guess i repeated what tali said lol but leavin it up anyways

I think you’re going to lose the war badly, unless the opponents have inactive members.

For the future, try to get 30 members in your alliance.

And yes, the matches based on titan score are not fair sometimes. There isn’t actual randomness involved in matching, but you might as well put it on bad luck this time.

Edit: Hey, your last screenshot tricked me. Your alliance has an average cups score of 1713, while the opponents have 1682. Maybe you do have a fighting chance! :slight_smile:

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we lost 2716 vs 3291, we need people, we are 8 less, if there was a people, I think we would have won)) but for now the prizes for the war are not very good, it’s not so insulting! you can close the topic)

My alts alliance was outnumbered by their active players. We had exact titan score and they had better heroes on raid defense. It looked like a likely loss.
Due to poor strategy and a couple more not warring than us, we won by 1000 points.
Moral of the story, fight your wars bravely and don’t concede defeat upon matching.


Hello, else one! Where’s admin!!! S80404-002436|281x500

Did you guys just let a titan escape? If they whacked one and yours got away that would explain the difference.

Yes. but the difference in the composition is huge for them by 12 people more, respectively 36 strokes in the black, the question is, what if we all do not expose the defense?