Top War Teams (Highest Win Rate)

Rank 1 to 32+ (Based on Win rate/Not Size)

  • Sorted by number of wins at “War Cap” and then by average (size) War Score.
  • 5 of 10 Wars
  • Only showing; Teams that HAVE broke 104.5k +
    ***Roughly 80-90 Teams can brake 104.5k: if at 30/30 & “can win” to get to there “War Cap”.

“War Cap” - A Teams Max War Score where it no longer increases (“10 Penalty Warring”, “Winning at Cap” “Free spin on War Chest”)



Awesome work man, thank you!

Thanks @Zombies :slight_smile:

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Very informative! Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing this!

If I understand this correctly, when the alliance is established it starts at 0 penalties and after each and every war a +1 or -1 is added, except when it would cross +10 or -10. Then this number modifies base war score in some way. Is my understanding correct? And has this number ever been reset?

I have my alliance war history for almost a year now and if it works like this it would mean we are currently oscilating somewhere between +6 and +8. We are not a top alliance or anything, we are around #4000.

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Yes. Each + 1. Your War score is Multiplied by set number. Max’s our at 10. No doesn’t reset…it’s how wars are balanced, continues to count unless a new alliance is formed or until you win at max. Just stays.

“Not a Top Alliance”. That’s the beauty of EP War system. The system is relative to you “your teams size”. All teams in the game are capable of winning at war cap, bigger players only rise the war cap.


*Above Current Pre Weekend War. Most winning teams at 105k+ 30/30 to 50% teams.

*Starting new sheet and running to 1 Jan.


If @Scarecrow is to be believed, I think he has the highest win rate.

Said he’s lost only the one alliance war all 2019. By my count that’s a tally of (approx) 94 wins, 1 loss. That’s a 98.95% win rate.

This matrix does not cover Sub 104.5k Teams or Teams at top of the brackets in 29* 28* 27* etc. Is quite possible to be chaining War wins by capping number of players in Alliance. // Aggressive for example changing wins at 29 V 29 under CP.

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Well add, doing this and not being on the highest titans possible (14) would be a losing proposition mat wise.

I believe all these teams in top ~40 War Teams are on 14’s for example. The difference between them is … > Who can open a War Chest Faster < … = More Loot, More Power, More growth over time.

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I think he @Scarecrow mentioned they start a NEW alliance after a few wins to reset their base and pick on poor performing alliances.

I wonder what their titan lvl is on average? 5*?

We are on the chart, we chain 14*, only let one go early on as we were adjusting members who had better titan heroes.

@Rigs the 14* give more frequent 3* mats but they’re still crap piss poor for 4* mats which is what our members need.

Challenge of 15/16* might be fun but I’m not sure I want to be a slave to rising farming for nuggets when the drops are meh.

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I use nugs for fun sometimes but i rarely “need” them to hit B loot consistently on 14s

Are you experiencing something different?

No, B isn’t a problem. I’m usually either B or A. In fact the few times I got 4* mats was with C grade.

I just like to get good hits in lol, call me vain :tongue:

He stated somewhere, lower titans give good loot, too :wink:

For sure, I’ve had 3-4 4* mats since 14* came back. That’s with most of the time being A grade, A+ has been a joke for me.

Of course not, we are only 3 members, with no Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir or plenty of special heroes. We finish a 4* titan just before the 5th war. When the war is over, also the blue rare Unicorn spawns. Anyway, these titans drops rare unfarmable AM almost all the time. Just finished a 4* few minutes ago and got compass (21th sitting in the inventory). Unfortunately, the titan chest gave me rings (24th since I play). I need a D blade for Kingston, not rings or whatever. If I won’t get it Sunday at warchest, at least I know the next rare quest provides me one.

P.S. I reset the alliance mostly because of titans, not for the opponents. We are matched with 4200+ at least, no matter what. But we like our titan system. For a 3 members alliance, we let a single titan escape (the first 4*). So we do a lots of titans (therefore items and chests) and a rare one at every 2 and a half weeks.


@Zombies do you have an update on this? Thanks in advance!!


Sir. Have a top to bottom War Score Sheet of Top ~30. Issue is over the next 45 days we are all B lining to “20 Penalties” until we stack back into our peeking order.

All organized teams in game will win 2, lose 1 sort of record. If they win 3-4 in a row they will get a match up like below.

KOB4 is ~5% smaller the CP (Max War score).

KOB4 is the 2nd most winning War team in the game for 60 days behind CP. KOB4 caught CP on ladder because of this and got murdered. KOB4 in alliance “worth” is around Top ~40 in game. They are a War Centric team, solid strat and great Skill Cap so perform excellent. (*I don’t know a single KOB4 player. Not recruiting for them lol. Just saying it as it is).

3 Days old/will update tonight & post war.


^^ These 7. Are worth about ~5% less.

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(Updated) Climb to War Score Ceiling! Back to tracking by wins at War Cap (War Win %) once CP hits the roof.

Updated War Penality Write up:

@Kob4. Zombies love you. Caught CP on ladder by crushing unorganized “big” Top 25 Teams. Got wrecked but ■■■■ i am a fan Lady’s/Gents.


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