Top War Teams (Highest Win Rate)

Rank 1 to 32+ (Based on Win rate/Not Size)

  • Sorted by number of wins at “War Cap” and then by average (size) War Score.
  • 5 of 10 Wars
  • Only showing; Teams that HAVE broke 104.5k +
    ***Roughly 80-90 Teams can brake 104.5k: if at 30/30 & “can win” to get to there “War Cap”.

“War Cap” - A Teams Max War Score where it no longer increases (“10 Penalty Warring”, “Winning at Cap” “Free spin on War Chest”)



Awesome work man, thank you!

Thanks @Zombies :slight_smile:

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Very informative! Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing this!

If I understand this correctly, when the alliance is established it starts at 0 penalties and after each and every war a +1 or -1 is added, except when it would cross +10 or -10. Then this number modifies base war score in some way. Is my understanding correct? And has this number ever been reset?

I have my alliance war history for almost a year now and if it works like this it would mean we are currently oscilating somewhere between +6 and +8. We are not a top alliance or anything, we are around #4000.

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Yes. Each + 1. Your War score is Multiplied by set number. Max’s our at 10. No doesn’t reset…it’s how wars are balanced, continues to count unless a new alliance is formed or until you win at max. Just stays.

“Not a Top Alliance”. That’s the beauty of EP War system. The system is relative to you “your teams size”. All teams in the game are capable of winning at war cap, bigger players only rise the war cap.


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