Alliance War Score Win/Loss History Calculation

Hi all. We know how the War Score is calculated:

  • 30 best heroes
  • best troop of each colour, AND
  • the Alliance War History (wins/losses)

I’d appreciate though more info on the latter, especially for alliances with players that don’t have 30 4-5* heroes maxed (i.e. NOT the top alliances)

  1. How many points each victory adds, and how many points each defeat deducts?

I’ve been trying to keep a record of the changes on our War Score right before the end of the war, and right after it, both for our alliance and our opponents. I would say around 1,500 pts, but sometimes this is 1,400 and others 1,600, without any big changes in the players participating or their rosters (e.g. in case someone fed on of their 30 best heroes).

The points added/deducted are usually slightly different for the alliance that wins in comparison to the alliance that loses. E.g. the winner might get 1,604 pts, while the loser might lose 1,515 pts.

Generally it fluctuates a lot, so it puzzles me.

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  1. Is this score dependent on the number of the players participating in the war? If so, to what extent?

Obviously it is a different thing to add 1,500 pts to the War Score of an alliance with 30 members, and an alliance with 2 members (the change in the war score for the latter is around 10-50 pts I think?).

However I haven’t witnessed that much of a difference in the pts a victory gives in alliances with 20 members as compared to an alliance with 30 members. Both might get around 1,500 pts?

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  1. Is this score dependent on the (war/total) score of the alliance? If so, to what extent?

Again, it makes a difference to add 1,500 pts to a 30 member alliance of 100,000 War Score, as compared to an alliance of 30 members and a War Score of 30,000.

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  1. Is the War Score History (wins/losses) added to the Alliance’s war score OR to the alliance’s members individual scores?

E.g. if a victory adds 1,500 pts and an Alliance has 100,000 War Score, it will go to 101,500.

If 29 of the 30 players opt out from the next war, will the 1 remaining player carry the War Score History (i.e. the points earned through victories) to the next war? Or each alliance member that opts out, takes part of the War Score History with her/him?

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  1. How many wars does the Alliance War History take into account? I know that there’s a post here that the game used to take into account the past “10 consecutive victories or losses”, and that they’ve now “increased the limit to 20 wins or losses”. But what does this mean?

Do they mean “20 past wars” regardless of result? Or “20 past consecutive victories” or “20 consecutive defeats”?

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  1. Are the points added/removed from the Alliance War score dependent on the performance in these past wars?

E.g. If you win the 1st war and get 1,500 pts, and then you win a 2nd war consecutively, will you get 1,500 pts for the 2nd war too? Or will you get 1,450 or 1,550 pts, let’s say?

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Many thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

NB: Please note that my questions are about the Alliance War History and not the Alliance War Score that takes into consideration more factors. I’m only interested in how the AWH is calculated. Thank you! :slight_smile:


The value of wins or losses are based on your alliance’s current war score

Brb with more info

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Many thanks, Rigs! :smiley:

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Alliance war caps have increased to 20 since that was posted but rest is unchanged as far as i know

Thanks for that tip. I had wondered why my personal war score would rise by 50 pts (2013 to 2063) with a victory but then only fell 20 points after defeat? My last match up was bizarre and I mentioned it elsewhere, but it was a bad day for them (Alliance war score is currently at ~2300 and it seems to work in my favour) At hour 12 they were automatically defeated needing one more flag than they had for victory (have some pride and make an effort please?).
EDIT: I just realised that this is a virtual cheat. Just use a totally free throway one hit three star team on another account. (it adds an insignificant amount seemingly in matchups, theirs are not quite as hard to kill also, but costs at least 2-3 opponent flags). It just dilutes the strength of the opposition.
LAST EDIT: It could be a strategy maybe? 1 guaranteed opposition cost and your matchup is weaker to compensate for your ‘reduced’ power.

Yes people do this in small alliances. For example, in a 4 person alliance two players are 4200+ defense with full bench of 30 very good heroes, and the other two are two alt accounts under 1500 def with only 5 heroes each in their roster that are feeders.

This matches them to a true 4 person alliance with players 2500 to 3900 teams that will have a difficult time flipping the board, so they will be stuck and lose, while the 2 good plus 2 feeder team will have 8 to 12 snipes.

The more I think about it, the less appeal it has. I’m not adding my alt to anything anytime soon and I have to boot the person who made me even think about it. They weren’t eligible for war participation and I only discovered that after matchmaking was complete. They are getting it for no activity without communication and i don’t feel good about doing it to a noob.

How many points added to war score when alliance win?

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