Is Alby still a hero i want to go for?

In my opinion not.

I’m using a 11 soon to be 12 Zeline in defence with 20 crit troops. (and i have 18 mana if needed)

In attack i have Lotl 9, soon to be 10. And of course Evelyn, Kingston, Lianne. Once Lotl is started she is a pain in the ■■■.

Your thoughts? Whenever i get Alby in war i nearly ever get him going off because of Lotl…

Not sure I follow, but yes Alberich is still one of the best heroes in the game. I lost a match just today against a team singlehandedly because of Alberich. When he works he REALLY works. I curse him the most when he works. Literally can change an L to a W singlehandedly.


He falls to mana reductions on defense, but he’s still a great hero to bring for raid and war attacks.

It’s hard to dislike a chance to revive your heroes, and the mana recovery buff does not get blocked by Hel, Onatel, or Alasie. That’s something no other hero can say to bypass all of them in one


Weird I’m actually lookin at maxing alby #2 in a few months

Regardless of his defensive status(though still solid for wars as far as ability to squash a 2nd or 3rd hit if he revives+buffs everyone)

His offensive power is there. The mana gains, the heals, the durability, and the opportunity to save your A** if a board goes south. Have had his rez rescue a match on too many occasions to count.

I even use 3/70 alby in war sometimes.

If you haven’t given him a chance in offense, i would highly advise doing so. I was skeptical but was quickly sold after tryin it out.


Good to hear that he’s working well for you, was looking at comments about him (trying to decide between king and him) and you had showed some regret maxing him over Locke and Greg at the time. I’m trying to justify tarlak as my green healer… haha. Ugh.


Well at the time i was struggling hard with blue titans. But got that figured out. Gaderius between locke and tarlak helped a ton. Then athena+greg as well.

Alby is my most used green in PvP


Good to know, thanks for that. King will just have to wait his turn.

Yes, he’s pretty amazing

I run up against Alby on a regular basis. If I can keep him from firing all is well. On the other hand I have been three tiles away from a victory and he respawns all four heroes which usually ends up in game over for me.
Alby always demands my respect.

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It’s funny because I sort of hated him at first…then I actually got him and a in a lucky Atlantis draw, and now I use him every day, multiple times, lol. Also thinking of maxing a second, and have used that second one at 3/70 in a couple of wars.


I was torn between LotL King Lianna and Alby, I chose Alby to give tonics to first even with Li already at 3/70

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Alby is great in offense and defense… great in trials, maps, wars, raids, bosses… oh well he is top10 best heroes of the game, a true game changer

Did you already spend the tonics?

Way i would disect that is like this:

Alby and lianna have similar stats when maxed so both just as survivable at 3/70

Now which one gains more by goin to 4/80?

Alberich heals and mana gen dont increase

Lianna’s attack and damage increase dramatically

So for me(unless ur lookin at war defense as reason to max either) i would go lianna first

Actually just noticed u said Kingston…

I’d go kingston then alby then probably LoTL then lianna unless u have 2nd kingston

LoTL i put ahead of lianna, mainly because i know if you have a shallow bench her mana cutting minions can help survivability quite a bit

The only real “wrong” choice i feel in that scenario is lianna. But even that isn’t terrible since lianna is still a solid green and worth the tonics. The other 3, u could max any one of em any time and see improvements on your pvp green teams with each set of tonicd


How about this I have MN , lianna , Kingston ,maxed ,
Wha would you max next
Evelyn , lotl, or alby or 2nd mn
On offence I go 3/2 stacks usually

I am torn who to do

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100% Evelyn, no question. :slight_smile:


I have maxed Gregorion, Evelyn, Lianna, Zeline, and Tarlak, and I have Alby, 2nd Evelyn, Morgan, Elkanen, Kadilen, and Kingston at 3/70. Since I am facing a lot of GM in wars (sometimes one GM on each of team of our war opponent), it is a tough sell to max any one other than Kingston. Alby being slow risks getting burnt to death before he could fire. Any thoughts from experienced players like @Rigs and @Aquaginera_7DD ?

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I had the same situation: Alby vs. Kingston. I maxed Kingston first and don’t regret it. :slight_smile: Especially since he’s also in my defense now. If you run yellow tanks and have Guin then Kingston is your best call for a 5-talent defense.


Thanks! No Guin in my roster :cry: but I have Zeline, so I don’t think Kingston will join my defense

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If you u use a healer in every O team, I’d go alby

Both are good tho so cant go wrong either way

Evelyn for sure for me

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