Defence team goals team...what you think?

Mornin legends ! Thought ide get your vote on a potential change to my defence team due to scoring GM over the weekend.
Current Def Team

Possible change

I have the mats for GM.just waiting on food ha, and yes I know this would mean 2 barbarians with gm and kage which I am happy to split. This is for raid defence only, AW defence team is sorted. Thanks in advance !

Team 2 is more aggressive and could benefit from the double ele link from kitty and GM but open to suggestion of course

Third, but Drake instead of Aegir.
And your rainbow shines again.

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Wow I actually never thought about that. You think Ariel over Aegir in a raid defence team ?

Yes, more of my defeats are due to Ariel, especially when paired with Alby, both on wings.

Aegir is a threat now, but not if you dispel his buffparty. Ariel heals on the right what Alby rezzes left, both pump the mana charge and they do much immediately.

Gravey seems to be the best tank. Never faced him without at least one cast, while all the others (Guin and even fast heroes) often will die without.

Make Gravey sturdy (HP-Def-Grid) and stay well above 2600 cups with him.

Thanks Olmor, appreciate the input :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately dont have Alby but Zeline will do for greeny for me :slight_smile:

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Aegir is a more troublesome tank than Gravy in my experience. And I run mono in high diamond and have been in the top 10 globally often.

Yeh that was my initial thought too which is why I thought running 2 reds (flank and left wing) would help keep him alive if running mono against me.

This it will be a lot of trial and error to see what works best but I love everyones input

I would try them, at least until you’ll get a red mana troop.
With a red mana troop you could use Gravemaker as tank and put Kageburado instead of Zimkitha.

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Thanks mate ! I actually have 4 red mana troop 4* ha I only have one at level 9. The Red crit troop is as 15. Cheers for the feedback :slight_smile:

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