Alberich or Lianna

Background or Alberich and MN ( together they fight crime)

How are MN and Alberich different?

MN is a better defense hero and attacking anchor hero ( high DEF and HP to continue battle ). MN is leveled.

Alberich is better attack and boost teams rate of special skill use ( like Evelyn ‘s green defense debuff and MN ‘s minions). But when is Alberich better than MN ?

Color stacking - Alberich

Evelyn, Alberich and Lianna have almost the same base stats.

All of them would color stack the same. All have higher attack stats than MN.

Personally I would pick Alberich for his attack stat, Mana Over Time and Heal Over Time which compliments MN minion Heal and immediate heal.

Useful for green color stacking and keeping Evelyn alive. Similar to Wu Kong, Jackal and Joon ( see Notes for yellow synergy ).

I always value multiple healers highly because they help me complete quests, challenge events and other guaranteed sources of emblems and non farmable ascension items with the least use of 3* / 4* ingredients.

Ariel has an immediate Heal so over lapse with MN. Delilah has an immediate Heal and minions like MN. Alberich, Tarlak, Aries and Guinevere have HOT which compliments MN.

Defense - Lianna

Defense AI does not get color stacking buff and can be really dumb, so many of Alberich advances are negated. Multiple greens on defense invites red color stacking.

So Lianna makes more sense if you need to increase your defense.


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