Evelyn or Alberich?

I am torn who to use tonics on first… Evelyn or Alberich? I have Tarlak, Liana and Elkanon fully leveled and was planning on ascending Evelyn next …and then drew Alberich in the Atlanta summon this month. I am waiting for 1 more tonic… I have them both at 3.70. Who would you give the tonics to first and why?

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I’d give it to Alberich because he’ll bring back the dead!


I love my Evelyn/Lianna combo. But I ain’t got an Albi that changes the attack strategy. I suppose 4 tonics from now, MN will fill that role, but I hate Albi.

@Hippolyta, I have a 4/75 Eve. She is tough but she is pretty useful at 3/70.

Alby needs to be maxed because of his slow mana.


Raided a 4023 tp team with my defence orientated 3500 tp team. I was on the verge of winning with Albi being the last hero standing. Pump a red tiles onto him. Somehow he survive, cast his special and bring back full mana Lianna and Marjana to life and the rest is history.
Evelyn can’t come close to that.

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Looks like I am going with Alby! I think he is useful on both offense and defense and brings something to the table that none of my other heroes have. He would be a great addition to my defensive team. And Evelyn is pretty sturdy and useful at 3.70…

I got evelyn close to 80, now I got Alberich and Lianna and can only take one of them and hard time to choose :flushed: I got sartana and kunchen also close to move upp delilah, only 1 dart away…

So Lianna or Alberich?

I got Alberich from Atlantis and don’t have tonics for him, but I don’t regret giving my tonics to Evelyn before hand.

Her ability to make the opponent so vulnerable against nature tiles and offensive special skills that she makes even lackluster green heroes an asset.

However, if I had your heroes I would find the idea of taking Alberich to max teir first very appealing. Since you have Tarlak at max level he can provide similar support to 3-green, 4-green, or mono-green team that Evelyn can. Even though he only increases normal damage, this should still be highly beneficial on raid offense. I’m fairly certain Tarlak stacks with bear/dragon banners in Titan battles so you can easily increase the damage done by special skills that way.

Also, do you have Zeline, Caedmon, or Melendor? They could easily replace Evelyn’s skill to dispell buffs. If you have atleast one of them, then I think bringing Alberich to final teir first is the way to go.

I have Caedmon and Melendor… but unfortunately no Zeline. I spent a small fortune trying to get her when she was available at the Atlantis summon but had zero luck that month…

I’m in same situation as you regarding my greens, for me 100% alby to replace Eve on defense and everything else. He’ll be scarier with emblems and mana troops.

Alb sans hésiter

Alb without hesitation

Depends on your roster.
If you have Rigard and don’t need a new tank, Id go for Sartana over Kunchen for the time being. Especially since Sartana is a strong+fast sniper who is often very useful because there is only 1 normal dark 4* hero who hits. Yeah, Rigs is a little 4* but he does hold his own quite well, especially when put in the right corner for some reason.

For your nature hereos I feel like it’s a trickier choice. Lianna would be tempting because according to my alliance members who have both Lianna and Evelyn at max level, Eve’s special makes Lianna’s OP. Also if you pick her over Alberich, <2 months you’ll still have a 5* healer when you ascend Delilah.

However, Alby is still such a novelty hero, even with North existing now. I think he’s more likely to survive at 3/70 than Lianna, but if she does die he has a good chance of reviving her. Sure she wouldn’t hit as hard at 3/70 but with Alby giving her mana each turn she could fire more often. Tough decision…

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