Alberich or Lianna

I already have MN maxed, along with Evelyn. But now I pulled both Alberich and Lianna and only have mats for one, as is the dilemma for most people here…
I’m scarce of maxed snipers and having MN I’m inclined to go for Lianna, but still not sure…
Need a bit of help here… Getting Alberich was a big deal for me…


MN maxed is better than alby for resurrects.


Yeah, Mother North and Alberich are kind of redundant (a bit like Boldtusk and Ares), and if you’re scarce on snipers, Lianna will definitely fill that hole in your roster.

I think one thing to consider is how many 5* healers you might have, but I can’t fathom many teams that would want Alberich AND Mother North at the same time unless you’re really, really reaching further than your team can handle… which shouldn’t happen if you have a maxed Alby and MN come to think of it.

I’m trying to think of a scenario when you’d want a tag-team of MN and Alberich, but I can’t really think of any.


I think you both are right. Alby can wait till I get the tonics back. I feel I’ll get more advantages at raids and war with Lianna along with MN.

Of course Alby will be useful at war as well, but feel more confident that Lianna is going to help me more all around at the moment.

Thanks a lot for the comments and advice. Your time was highly appreciated.

Have an awesome weekend :slight_smile:

Background or Alberich and MN ( together they fight crime)

How are MN and Alberich different?

MN is a better defense hero and attacking anchor hero ( high DEF and HP to continue battle ). MN is leveled.

Alberich is better attack and boost teams rate of special skill use ( like Evelyn ‘s green defense debuff and MN ‘s minions). But when is Alberich better than MN ?

Color stacking - Alberich

Evelyn, Alberich and Lianna have almost the same base stats.

All of them would color stack the same. All have higher attack stats than MN.

Personally I would pick Alberich for his attack stat, Mana Over Time and Heal Over Time which compliments MN minion Heal and immediate heal.

Useful for green color stacking and keeping Evelyn alive. Similar to Wu Kong, Jackal and Joon ( see Notes for yellow synergy ).

I always value multiple healers highly because they help me complete quests, challenge events and other guaranteed sources of emblems and non farmable ascension items with the least use of 3* / 4* ingredients.

Ariel has an immediate Heal so over lapse with MN. Delilah has an immediate Heal and minions like MN. Alberich, Tarlak, Aries and Guinevere have HOT which compliments MN.

Defense - Lianna

Defense AI does not get color stacking buff and can be really dumb, so many of Alberich advances are negated. Multiple greens on defense invites red color stacking.

So Lianna makes more sense if you need to increase your defense.


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Always love your input Gryphonknight, but the question isn’t whether to ascend Mother North or Alberich but whether to ascend Alberich or Lianna when op already has a maxed Mother North.

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I have edited my response. Does it make more sense now?

( really I should have responded with “What is your roster?” but stayed up late playing video games).

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