Again, advice needed for next 5* blue (Vela, Missandra, Magni, Richard)

Hi everyone,

I got lucky those past 2 months and pulled a lot of 5* blue which make me wondering which one I should ascend first.

I have:
Vela x3
Richard x2
Misandra (pulled this Atlantis)

I am working right now on one Vela and she is 3*37 atm.

My blue roster so far is:
Kiril x2

As I have already Alice as a sniper and Frida as a tank for Wars, I put Richard and Magni on the side so far.
Should I keep working on Vela? Thought on Missandra?

Thanks in advance.

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I think I’d do Vela just a hair over Richard. The DOT is great for raiding, although on Defense I’d either Tank Richard or Put Alice on the wing. My vote Vela…unless you have the Richard Costume

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Vela paired with your defense droppers (frida and Grimm) and your sniper (Alice) will give some great support.

I also contemplated Richard over vela but glad I opted for her over him.

… adding to this… and I’m not sure where you are in the game… but if you mono, Alice, frida, Grimm, vela and Kiril sounds like a solid stack. You’ll get the defense boost from Kiril and the snipe from Alice… which makes magni not as essential (don’t tell him that though, he’s sensitive) I’d consider throwing emblems on Grimm. His stats get respectable then. Misandra will be a good choice later…


Thank you for both your advice. I’ll keep with my current plan.
My grim is +18 and Kiril +9.

So for future: Vela -> Richard -> Missandra -> Magni

Don’t under estimate Misandra’s offensive value to your Avg heroes. She fires and gives your heroes mana. One hit doesn’t do a lot, but as soon as she strikes twice or more, any of your avg speed heroes with decent mana troops suddenly charge in the same turn - effectively making them ‘fast’ heroes with MUCH lower mana troops than normally needed to pull off that stunt

I run Alice and Misandra as fast heroes and Ariel, Frida and Grimm… when Misandra gets her mojo going, that’s a fast team.

I vote for Misandra to follow Vela.


It’s true that so far the only experience I had with Missandra was when I face her in Raids and it didn’t impress me a lot.

Something also to take in consideration is that Richard as Frida are same classes so they will fight for these emblems.

Anyway before I have enough material for another 5* blue, I think that both Richard and Missandra will be level up to 3*70 at that time so I’ll test both more in different occasion.

I think I’d max vela… take misa and magni to 3/70 and see which one fits best with your teams (keep in mind, magni is suuuper squishy at 3/70). Richard… can wait… for a while…, like forever maybe. Kidding. But I wouldn’t max him until I have enough scopes to max someone else after him (Finley, Ariel, alasie, Athena… all come to mind)

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Misandra isn’t great on defence. But in a blue stack beside avg speed heroes… she’s gold. Don’t forget to work on getting 4*mana troops for the avg’s to use.

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