Help needed - Which Blue 5* to ascend?

Hi all, I’d really appreciate the benefits of your ageless wisdom.

I have enough items to fully ascend a 5* blue hero. I currently have Magni and Misandra fully ascended.

Options available are: Vela, Isarnia, Richard and Thorne. I’m leaning towards Isarnia as I feel that she will be of more use against titans, but would welcome any thoughts.

Thank you!

My vote for Vela, speed and skill are great! Can be on d, for events etc etc, an all around deadly weapon imo! :grinning:


For me, You should go with Vela, maybe Richard if Your alliance plays with blue tank (You can keep a costiume for him and he’s nice then :slight_smile: )
PS. Vela is beast for red titans and also she’s nice for wars :slight_smile:

For sure, the last pick is Thorne, make him only, when You have no more work with and enough matrials :slight_smile: Then probably never xDDD

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Isarnia is great, and against titans she’s useful… If you have a heavily emblemed Grimm and don’t intend to emblem her, then don’t do her for titans alone.
Having said that, I enjoy her in raid stacks and events too.

Vela is interesting… She’s not a top tier HOTM, IMHO, but she’s still a good hero.
The +crit will help you in stacks (so titans at very least) and the -attack to fire enemies could be gold on high level titans!

Richard is a decent tank… If you need a war tank and/or have a lot of Paladin emblems burning a hole in your pocket then you may find a use for him.
Thorne likewise is a sturdy Paladin. Special does more damage than Richard, but there’s no secondary effect - he’s underestimated, but nothing special (not awful, just “meh”).

Should be between Vela and Isarnia IMHO.

What’s the rest of your deck like?
If you have hefty AoE in other colours and have Grimm maxed (preferably emblemed), I’d probably lean towards Vela personally… But it’s kinda down to how you play and what you like using.


Thanks everyone.

It’s looking like Vela from the suggestions so far.

Other heroes:

Purple - Kunchen, Quintus, Dom
Yellow - Vivica, Isarnia, Leonardis
Red - Azlar, Khagan, Jean-Francois (not levelled yet but have items)
Green - Elkanen

I do have Grimm emblemed but I’m finding him too squishy for level 10+ titans. I was hoping to remove him from the titan team if I can get defence down elsewhere.

Well I guess Vela decreasing the attack of red titans might help Grimm hang on?

Isarnia is hardly tough as old boots herself… She’s flimsy for a 5* rather than flimsy for a 4* like Grimm is, though.

I really like Isarnia and have no regrets having spent mats on her… If I’d had Vela at the time, I’m not sure which I’d have gone for (I have only 1 node on Grimm, the rest of my Barbarian emblems are on BK and will continue to go on him).

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Isarnia is not only for titan defense debuff, but she is also top blue tile damage. If you luck out on her costume, she is godly.

That being said, I have to make the same choice and I am leaning towards Vela. Granted, I also have Athena for defense down so it’s not exactly the same. Im waiting till next costume event and if I get Isarnia’s costume, Ill go with her.

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Go for Vela first and do Isa, if you’ll get her costume.

It’s the ‘Pass of Vela’ for now…



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