Next blue 5*?

Hi fellow gameplayers.
I have a dilemma about my next blue 5* hero.
I have Isarnia, Richard and Vela to ascend and 8 scopes.
Usually, I fight with mono teams, I’ll post a picture below. I believe all of them are worth ascending but which should I do first?
I have my paladin +12 (Richard) emblems on Frida, wizard +12 (Isarnia) emblems on Onatel and druid +10 (Vela) emblems on 3* and Melendor.
Also, I tend to change my defence team regularly so no restrictions or specific desires there.

Edit: I use Frida, Magni, Grimm, Tarlak and Kiril for red titans atm

Vela for sure 20 characters…

I prefer Richard in your case as combo of him Grimm and Frida would kill any 3 heroes.
And they are all average mana.

Vela for titans I guess…

Isarnia hits hard and drops defence for longer than Grimm, great tile damage too.

Vela gives you crit+ which is cool, she’ll drop titans damage on you too… I don’t think she’s a stellar HOTM, but she looks a good fit for you.

I don’t think you’d be going wrong with either of them… I don’t understand why Richard is under consideration alongside those two?

As you get stronger you will be happy to have leveled the fastest heroes possible,

Thanks for so fast replies!
As my current mono almost never fails with war/raids (with a red tank or at least one red flank), I think my main dilemma is how to get a nice titan hit. Isarnia would replace Grimm. Vela would then replace Magni?
I have the best titan score with this team on a 10* red - 124k. Grimm, Magni, Frida, Tarlak, Kiril.
I see that Isarnia, Magni, Firda, Tarlak, Kiril could do even better.
Vela vs Magni… Magni has higher attack so tile dam is higher but does not give +crit.
Richard is out of the question

Edit: My only concern is Isarnia’s slow mana


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