Next blue 5* (was leaning Vela, just pulled Frida)

Just got a 6th scope.

My maxed blues are Alice, Arthur and Magni.

I was sure I would was gonna max Vela before I pulled Frida in Atlantis. Frida just made the decision difficult.

My other blue 5*s at 3/70 are Miki, Richard with costume, and Snow White and Rumplestiltskin.

I use Alice the most. She’s a great sniper. So the next one would be more for depth.

I like that Vela attacks all enemies and leaves some extra water damage and is fast. I haven’t had the chance to test out Frida much yet, but I hear good things.

Don’t really need any particular type of hero.

Alberich has most of my Druid gems and Arthur has most of my paladin gems, but I have enough of each to get a couple talents on either one.

Vela for titan (since you already have arthur), frida for challenge event. Not sure about pvp since I don’t really do pvp. Probably similar?

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Frida is a must have for titans, war and pvp and raid def. She even shines on vFast tournaments and deals a lot of damage to all three of her tragets.

Since you already have a maxed Arthur, Frida is not as urgent for your roster to upgrade for titans.

Costumed Richard/Richard with costume bonus is great solid tanks hero


Frida, Magni, Alice would be more effective. Fire Frida and you’re likely to kill two heroes because the other two are already charged.

Why not Miki?

Kinda agree with Kyree. And while Vela will work well with Arthur for titans, but she’ll work just as well with Frida for challenge events/wars.

Frida all the way. Vela better against Red teams and titans, but water dmg is low and can be dispelled, probably dead before firing 2nd time. Frida has resistance to -att statuses and is way better as defensive hero with +54% def against Nature on spec. Objectively, Frida is better, both are way better used in 3-2, 4-1 or mono teams. And ppl use frida more often in raid def teams.

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I’d choose miki for titans. Would have said frida, but since you already got arthur maxed…

I’m having the same issue… Vela 3/70, Frida 1/1, 6 scopes… Also Thorne +14 (paladin, as Frida) tank. How would +14 Frida perform as tank?

Mine has no emblems, flanked by Onatel+7 and Marjana with Seshat+9 and Kingston on the wings. That keeps me in low diamond on most days.

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