Aegir or Vela?

My other maxed blue are frida and miki. I hadn’t given aegir scopes because I feel he’s only useful as tank and I don’t need one. I’m also unsure if Vela is a good hero. My roster really needs another maxed blue 5* so should I pick one of these or keep waiting for something better? I’ve been praying I get isarnia from tc20 but no luck. I don’t do a huge amounts of summons like others but I do a decent amount.

Aegir doss have uses other than just as a tank.

In a blue stack you don’t need a healer as from tile damage alone you can heal your heroes fully.

He also does the damage share & elemental link which make a big impact in raiding.

Finally he’s great vs. red titans for the combination of the above two reasons (damage share & healing).

So, I’d say that ultimately the decision will come down to if you need longevity or more damage dealing…

It’s also worth noting that (like miki) Aegir doesn’t gain anything by going to final ascension beyond survivability. Vela on the other hand will gain additional damage & DoT :slight_smile:


I need this hero to be useful everywhere except defense really. I face 13* titans. I also want to improve my mono blue for wars and raids because blue is my only weak mono team

I’ll put it this way,

I only just replaced Aegir with Ariel recently when Ariel got to +7

For titans i ran:
Miki (3-70) - Grimm +15 - Arthur - Aegir/Ariel - Magni

Raids was the same but swapped Miki out for Frida (3-70)

For me personally, aegir is one of my least used maxed heroes in the game. Would love those scopes back and would be happy to feed them to vela. He doesn’t make titan teams, war teams, event teams (but I understand some like him here), nothing. I really wanted to like him but just can’t find anywhere that he makes a real difference for me. Just my opinion though, Good luck.


Im in same boat. Blue is my weakest team and when I get another scope, I will have to pick between Vela, Isarnia or Aegir. If I get Isarnia’s costume, she will win.

Ive been running Miki - Magni - Athena - Arthur - Ariel for titans. For PvP, I switch out Miki with a 3\70 Aegir. Miki was just not working for me outside titans.

Ive used my 3\70 Aegir for a long time now and I really like him, but he is starting to die quickly facing teams 4600+ teams.

Right now I al leaning towards Val. I was looking at the math and she is extremely very efficient.

I vote Vela.

I’m similar: Miki + Frida + Magni maxed… Aegir + Vela as ascendent contenders…

Vela for sure. She’s like a lil blue gravemaker.

I summoned two(2) Velas last weekend, I summoned 10 heroes. Didnt realize I had summoned Vela and summoned 10 more ending up with two, plus several other lesser picks . (I have 14 , 5 stars now. )(34 , 4 stars)

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